Best IEMs for Competitive Gaming with best Imaging/Separation/Soundstage around 30-50$?

I’ve googled for quite a bit, no one seems to be very specific about these three things about an IEM and only focus on the main things like Bass and Mids.

I competitively play Apex Legends and would like IEMs that does it’s job in the imaging and seperation department and I don’t really mind if they don’t sound the best with music.

I currently use KBEAR KS2 and would like to see any comparisons with your recommendations if you’ve tried the KBEAR KS2s, thank you!

Those aspects are the technicalities and for sub 50 usd iems they are usually not good, or will make the timbre and tonality very bad.

The exception I found is the Final Audio E500, that is made for VR stuff and is very good for games.

What are some IEMs you’ve already tried?

Look at my database lol.

I’m actually glad you introduced me to something very different. I was actually expecting a generic answer with Tin T2s or something.

I took a look at the E500, and it seems right up my alley, it’s just no reputable place is selling them at the moment besides eBay.

Amazon Japan should have them.

I know I can probably google this, but since it seems like you know what you’re doing, how would you go about ordering from Amazon Japan internationally?

hmm weird, I couldnt find it on amazon japan.

But it is available here:

Here is amazon japan btw:

I found it here, I already ordered them on the website.

Enjoy. Those Final type e tips are a big bonus too.