Best IEMs w/ mic under 100€ to use with phone (no dac)

as the title says I’m looking for IEMs under 100€ to only use with my phone and maybe sometime my laptop. I don’t use a dac, just straight from the 3.5mm jack of my pixel 3a.

I stream music from Tidal HiFi, I need these only when I’m going around outside (for the future since I’m stuck in quarantine) and I need a portable solution. I already have a pair of AKG K712 pro with a JDS Atom to use at home and a pair of Sennheiser Momentum to use like when travelling.

Wired or wireless is the same, but I’m 99% sure I’ll get a better value from wires. Since I mainly use them with my phone I need a mic since it’s way more convenient for calls.

Thank you!

I got my Guideray Gr-i recently, and I love them! Really nice bass kick and clear vocals, and the cable comes with an okay mic. Really good fit, you can get different tips if you want, and they look gorgeous too.

The other option would be Samsung Galaxy Buds. They sound pretty good, tuned by AKG, and they have better mic quality for call audio.


Is the price right? Consider if they stop them at customs I can pay up to 78€ (85$).

I don’t care about mic quality, as long as other people can listen to me :joy:

What country are you located in? Aliexpress they were $40USD.

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47€ Aliexpress, 46€ ebay. I could pay customs with both so basically the same price.

Earbuds: 99€

I think the Galaxy Buds would be much easier to use, and they sound pretty good actually.
But if you really want wired, the Guideray are pretty great.

Wires really don’t bother me. I prefer sound quality. Which of the two do you think sounds better? Is the fit comfortable enough on both? Thanks

I only have experience with the Guideray, but I do know some people who use the Galaxy Buds on here and say they are one of the best wireless buds as far as sound goes, and are legitimately ‘hi-fi approved’. Pretty sure AKG does the tuning on them.
I can say I do really like my Guideray, they have really great kick in the bass, a tiny bit of dip in the mids, and some nice clean treble. Detail is very good, and imaging is pretty accurate. Overall it isn’t really ever offensive to my ears, but still fun too. I got the blue color, it looks so beautiful, like an abalone shell in a shallow sea…
That purple looks awesome too.
If you ever look at graphs, this may help a little bit with how they are tuned to show the difference.

I’d get pair of Tin T2’s and one of those Bluetooth cables like the FiiO RC-BT.

Yeah if I’d pick them definetely blue, they look great!
Don’t the galaxy buds have problems with sound delay when not used with a samsung phone? It’s not a problem with music but if I have to watch a video or a movie.
Thanks for the graphs and the detailed explanation


Yeah those are the ones I have. I liked them with the T2 (until the T2 died). I’m sure there are others for cheaper (KZ has a 2-pin variant) but you could basically get this with any IEM that is not too sensitive. Very important that last one, something like my FA1s aren’t good for this because they hiss pretty much always unless I hook them up via an IEMatch (which you can’t do with bluetooth for obvious reasons).

Great, thanks!

If this hasn’t already been mentioned, if so “Bump”,I have the Final Audio e3000c (“c” designation is the Mic included)…An excellent music iem (for the $), and works well with my wife’s iPhone. Amazon did have these for about $58). These are a can’t miss product.