Best inexpensive Bluetooth headphones I can buy

My Klipsch R6 neckband took a shit again and stopped working (don’t buy any of their Bluetooth products this is my second one in 2 year’s) and I really miss having Bluetooth headphones. What’s really important to me is a long battery life, my Klipsch neckband would last for days without needing a charge and is why I liked it so much. what are some recommendations for under $80?

I can’t say from experience, but in the same boat.
I’ve been looking at the monoproce BT300&500’s ANC Bluetooth closed back headphones. Both foldable, and 16-25 hours playtime respectively. $30-$50

Thanks, I’ll check them out, I wish @ZeosPantera would review more Bluetooth headphones.

I have, and recommend the Tribit XFree Tune for around $40 on Amazon. There are a few reviews out there that all seem very positive. There’s also a noise cancelling version, but haven’t seen much about it.

I also really enjoy Edifier products, and have the W860NB noise cancelling BT. Those are a bit above your $80 range, but I believe the non noise cancelling version, the W830BT, is the same level of sound quality with crazy battery life up to 95 hours and is $70 on Amazon.


I checked out those edifier headphones, they looked awesome but I wanted IEM’s probably should have said that. Anyways I got the KZ ZS 10 PRO with a Bluetooth neckband to go with them.

uhhh the Taotronics SS46 then? I heard those are good for the price and I admit I am not into bluetooth stuff that much.

Most people that care about audio aren’t, it’s why it’s so hard to find good information about them, and now that apple set the absolutely retarded trend of taking the headphone jack out of phones, it’s becoming a problem for more and more people.

I can see the convenience of having wireless but yeah I am not a fan of Apple or other companies following the trend of the removal of the headphone jack, because in my opinion it’s freaking stupid. Why not just let it be there so that it can work for the best of both worlds? Well they won’t since Apple is a greedy ass company in the first place.

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i guess Ill drop what I use. I use hd 4.40;s which can often e found aroun $80. they are the bluetooth version of the hd 4.30 the volume on them is decent but not deafening even at max, seal is just ok, comfort is good if you have physically small ear but they basically become semi one ears for most people. the bass is punchy but lacks extension but has a nice amount of quantity in the mid bass, the mids are ok and the treble is somewhat dark, these arent detailed in any way but are pretty decent headphones. imaging and soundstage are just ok. I think they are pretty inoffensive headphones and will definitely do the job personally and most will pick it up and probably somewhat enjoy it. the build quality and pads are some of sennheisers best high quality plastics good sturdy yoke and headband and comfort is just ok overall. I took a couple 1moth trip in a tropical country using them they do get warm during the sommer but are great during the winter,

im one of the few that honestly wasnt too offended personally I constantly broke my headphone jacks in the pre dongle era. and the dongles are what I was looking for back then. sadkly their were none and I just went bluetooth for all my commuted]s from then on.was really happy when dongles started becomong more universal and bluetooth adapters coming out. I honeslty would prefer a second charging port so I can have one dedicated to a dongle or portable dac and on eavailable to charge than a mediocre 3,5mm output

I don’t get it either, Samsung just took it out of the new S20, guess I won’t be getting another Galaxy, I need basic connectors.

yeah same, I am done with Samsung for now unless they went back to their senses and have headphone jacks again on their phones. Because if they don’t do that shit, then they have become the thing that they have sworn to never become and they used to diss Apple for the lack of jacks

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lg or sony flagship wise are your choices unless you grab a chinese phone but even they mos have no audio ports

Ya the new Sony xperia 1 II is $1,300 freaking dollars!!! I’ll probably be going Chinese for my next phone.

went chinese last year the rising prices got to me too

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well if I am going to choose some bluetooth headphones either get the KZ Bluetooth wires for my ZS10 Pro or if I can, buy the THX Pandas for I have heard some good things about those. Overall though as much as possible I would rather remain wired.

i jus use whatever iem and a btr5 these days butt at home always wired

I literally just ordered ZS10 Pro’s with the Bluetooth wire, I’d love to get the panda’s but $400 is a lot for me right now, and my receiver desperately needs to be upgraded and I need a new Glock with a 21rnd mag before my stupid state makes them illegal.

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Love the ZS10 Pros, and also got the Bluetooth neckband. Unfortunately, I find the somewhat janky neckband kind of annoying, so I’ve barely used it. Mostly end up using my ES100 or running off my OG Pixel, which I now use basically as a DAP.

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what about the original i9000 TWS Airpodering Pro Blutooth Earphone Wireless Sport Headsets Air Pro 1 1 3 Stereo Earbuds PK Airpodering pro 2 3