Best lightweight bluetooth adapter

Looking for a lightweight (and budget preferably) Bluetooth adapter to mount on a hat or on the headband of my KPH40’s so they become wireless. I love my KPH40’s so much but frequently I find myself about to hulk smash them to hell because the cable gets in the way.

Hm first thing that comes to my mind would be the foil btr3k for around 70 bucks, still use it to this day as a beater unit
Maybe someone here knows of a cheaper unit?


I just put in an order for the btr3k thanks! now I am going crazy trying to find a male to male adapter to plug this into my kph40’s where do I buy the 2.5 to what ever the btr3k is? male to male adapters appear to be uncommon in the 2.5 to what ever category…

Koss kph40 has 3.5mm jack. The btr3k also has 3.5mm Headphone output. Why are you looking for 2.5mm male to male?

If you remove the utility cable its just a 2.5mm female

I believe that the utility pinout is not a standard TRRS pinout. You need to check the pinout before using and I’m not sure you will find an off the shelf solution, you may need to solder it yourself.

Hm, easiest solution wouldbe to solder your own cables, with a decent iron and a bit of practice it’s not that hard
If that’s a no go because the hot stick makes blisters :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, you have to get the pin out with a multimeter or find someone in the koss thread that might know it :wink:
If it’s a Standart 2.5 mm pinout you’re lucky and only have to buy a male to male cable, think xhins or openheart on Ali have some for reasonable prices
If the pinout is custom things might get pricey if buying is the only option :confused: