Best loudspeakers under $5000

I’m looking for a pair of passive loudspeakers under $5000 (preferably $4k). Region: Peru

Initially wanted to get a pair of floorstanders, but am now open to large stand speakers. I currently have my eyes on the MoFi SourcePoint10, I can get it from Chile. The price is the same as it is in the US, so that’s something nice to hear.

Would greatly appreciate to hear everyone’s feedback and thoughts. Perhaps @ZeosPantera wants to chime in, but it’s likely difficult to pick for such a specific region…

Is there any particular type or previous speakers / brands (house sound) you liked before?
4-5k price range starts to be in that area where i probably would not buy speakers unless i have heard them first. There are so many options available in the price range and all are very different.
Design, shape, size, drivers etc, need to be new or used market?
Dont know much about south america’s markets and whats available…

Something similar than MoFi would be Tannoy Eaton if and if you can find a good pair and get shipped. There was a used pair at our local market this year with 3700$ range.
Havent heard the MoFi yet but there might always be a touch of “hype” and marketing since its pretty new.

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It’s actually not for myself, so I’m not sure. All I know is that they’ve had a 5.1 or similar Bose system. I’d say nothing special, but yeah.

The MoFi SourcePoint speakers have tons of hype around them, but it comes from one of the highest praised and most commercially-established loudspeaker designers.

The thing is, it’s not easy to find something that can get to Peru. I’m not sure what the customs situation looks like, but it’s hard blind buying something at this price point. At least Chile is reachable and he will be able to go there and have a listen to the SourcePoint speakers himself. Other than that, I’m not too certain about any other models in the market, so I came here to ask for some advice

I really want to hear the Mofi Source Point 10s myself as the fancy Korean speakers are just way too expensive no matter how amazing they sound. I could theoretically afford the Mofi without needing to get a loan. However these Triangle Borea BR02 that I gave $300 for on sale do very nicely. The Mofi are 10× their price. Would I find their sound quality 10× better?

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