Best Mashups in History

I’ll kick this one off with RosalinaSama’s “Gangnamcut” mashup between Psy and Linkin Park, because it defies all logic, physics, chemistry, epistemology and astrology that these two songs should fit so well together.

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Lol this is pretty damn good. Thnx for sharing

WHAT lol :sweat_smile: oh wow nice find hahaha

Also, I’m sorry:

It’s a New Orleans bounce beat that has been used in a few bounce songs.

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I’ve always like earworms yearly mashups as well

All of the Frooty Booty series from Nick Nice

Because 'tis the season, and also because this is definitely among the bestest mashups I’ve ever heard.

Can’t here these songs without thinking about the mashups

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Theeeeeéeeeeèeeeee ultimate mashup :stuck_out_tongue:

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My fav mashup. Sadly the Dj never managed to make something similar or better.

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I don’t think I will ever get over how good this one is

Don’t judge, but I do love listening to some of these mega-meme-mashups, despite them being so layered on that it’s hard to keep track of all the stuff going on. I’m surprised they work so well for me as background music lmao. It’s definitely one of those guilty pleasure things to listen to-

Absolutely nothing has topped this for me

Dope as…

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Linkin park - Breaking the Habit and Hiroyuki Sawano - Aliez

Oh wow hahaha

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