Best Mid-fi headphones?

So I’m basically looking to jump into mid-fi around 500 USD(Used is good too) and I’m trying to get suggestions for it.
I current have the micca origen 2 for my dac/amp, but I’m willing to upgrade when I get a nice pair of cans.
I mostly listen to metal, rock, edm, some rap, classical, and OSTs from anime, games and movies.
I currently have the 58x and CALs.
When it comes to my preference towards tonality, I don’t really have one which is why I’m shooting for a nice pair of headphones. However, I am all for headphones which a deep and rich sub-bass and/or a great timbre and I’m not sure how I’d feel for super bright, but I’m open to suggestions. This thread can also be used to discuss about mid-fi in general.

Maybe getting a planar like the m1060c. Their is no definite best but those should have good bass and detail. Or the dt177x go from massdrop, or the fostex thx00

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Yep maybe an M1060c with an
mod or even a DT1990 pro?

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have a look at the Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro thread- i prefer the analytical pads

also Sennheiser 660s if soundstage is less important
used focal elex maybe your thing, if again soundstage is less important to you
Hifiman Sundara are great if in sale for 350 instead of 500 - again less soundstage

are closed backs also interesting?

I picked up a set of ZMF Ori on a hunch and they are my favorite set of headphones to date. Fantastic low end, great vocal presence, and non fatiguing highs. Doesn’t hurt that they are simply gorgeous also. I got mine used for just over your $500 budget and I dont see myself selling them ever, I’ll just buy more headphones to go with them. Wouldnt say they are for music analysis but if you want something that’s fun and you can listen to all day without fatigue I highly recommend one if you can find one used

I love my 660’s all day long especially when being driven by tubes, i’ll shortly be adding a planar set of phones…still undecided tbh…M1060c with the open mod, Sundara (but maybe analytical tip as the 660’s?) or the Brainwavz Alara which seems a steal @ £313 uk?.

LCD2C sounds like a perfect match for your preferences.

DT 1990 Pro are an all-around headphone and darn good. Slightly bright.

660s are neutral with a narrow soundstage.

I’m currently running the NDH 20 off of the Monolith THX AAA Desktop amp/dac. They’re insane if you like closed back with suprising detail retreival and perfect bass. I got the M1060C and while they were big and powerful they didn’t fit my preferences. Honestly you could always just buy from a seller (like Amazon or monoprice) that have good return policies and pick up a pair you think you’ll like. If you don’t just return it. That’s what I did with the m1060c. I love the Neumanns and got a great deal on them for $300 on eBay

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I think we start the same way. I have a micca origen g2 soon to upgrate to an Jds lab atom with a dedicated dac . Same music preference ( i like anime OP/ED more). i had the HD58x.

I really really! recommend you if you haven’t found a sound signature you like to try different headphones and then sell them. Until you find a sound signature you like. As sound preference is different for everyone.

As a new to the audio world is an exiting experience to try something that blows your mind.
The HD58x sounds beautiful! (but they fatighe me after 30min and have these bass guitar back ground sound that kills me). I tried them and sell them because i want to try th HD6xx. i write down sound signature and details of headphonesi tried and i still remember the experience with the headphones i had. i know if i get a better gear or find my end game amp dac or maybe some tubes, i will revisit some of them.

i had dt990 250 ohm, hifiman he4xx, akg k7xx, meze 99 noir, Sundara.
Above all of the headphone i like the th he4xx the most, so i read reviews and decide to buy an upgrade.Thats when the sundara came. I like the Sundara but wouldn’t recommend it as an upgrade to the he4xx , i think i still prefer the he4xx over sundara.

After two weeks with the sundara i still had the curiosity to try the Beyerdynamic 600 ohm line. So i jump in and bought the dt880 and dt990 both 600 ohm.

For my surprise, sundara and dt990 went back to the box. :slight_smile:.The dt880 is wining hands down above all the headphones i tried for music ( for gaming i would go with the akg k7xx).
I still want to try some mid fi including closed back. Like HD6xx ( i know i would love and keep them), Dt770 80/250 ohm, Akg k275, Akg k553 mkii, fidelio X2HR, m1060c, the famous argons and some more.

I know its expensive and every time i sell a headphone i loss some money, but i think the experience to revisit your favorite tracks with another flavor makes it worth it.