Best mobile Headphones around 300 dollars

What are the best mobile Headphones around 300 dollars? I currently own a pair of Senheiser HD1 over ear headphones (Previously known as Momentum 2) the wired variant, before they had Bluetooth
( ) and I’m thinking about getting a replacement. Bluetooth would be preferred but I could put up with wired cans for the sake of sound quality. I would mostly use them on my phone as I already own a pair of 1990’s for my pc.

with BF specials, you probably can get the new Sony XM4’s for close to $300.

buuut, you probably could do a lot better with spending $300 on some really good IEM’s. or even just $200 on IEM’s and $100 on a decent portable DAC/Amp you can pair with your phone.

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I really like my Aventho‘s:

Are IEM’s really that good nowdays? I didn’t think about the possibility of choosing an IEM over a headphones

they are really good now…but I can’t comment on what you should look at due to not being a fan of them. most don’t fit my ears properly. :stuck_out_tongue:

but there is a lot of love for IEM’s!

Absolutely! but it also depends on the IEM. I have experienced many IEMs that can outperform headphones in the same class. You get the added benefit of being closed back and portable as well. Please keep in mind that the presentation is different and you have to be comfortable with IEMs.

Yep…If you are happy with audio things stuffed in your ears?,…once you’ve sorted tip fitment then yes, they’ll lay waste sonically to all HP’s in that price point IMO.

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Lol I don’t mind that. What IEM’s stand out in the $300 price range?

I’m currently rocking the new Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds. They’re $280, Bluetooth, apparently have the best ANC for sub-300 and have a V-shaped sound signature. Also, as someone who takes issue with how IEMs feel in my ears, these are damn comfortable—the QC30 and the Airpods (non-pro) are the only other earbuds that I can stand to use.

The only problem I guess is that these are best for iPhone users as they don’t support any aptX or LDAC, and AAC bluetooth sucks on Android. The alternatives in this case are the Sony ANC earbuds (can’t remember the name) and the Sennheiser Momentum Free TWS 2 (or whatever its name is).
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Mangird Tea’s, FiiO FH3, ThieAudio L5 and maybe the new Sheoer Tape Pro are all worth a look…plus you could add a bluetooth module if you don’t want the hassle of a cable?

The moondrop blessings two are great for the price. The wait times may be long though.