Best Music Streaming Service?

Ive used spotify which I know isnt the best for audio quality but it has most of the music I listen to on it. I tried Tidal trial, sound quality was nice but was missing the music that I listen to. Ive heard of Qobuz but dunno if its any good? Id like to hear ur thoughts about them. Or if there is anymore I havnt heard off, looking for good quality but also a wide range.

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There is a thread where several of us go into detail on our toughts regarding the various streaming services:

I’ve found Spotify to the have the best library and user interface, and Qobuz to have the best sound quality. Nothing really stands out to me about Tidal, honestly. I’ve so far found Amazon to be the best balance between audio quality, library, and user interface. However, the Amazon app needs work from a technical perspective. It has no ‘exclusive output’ mode as of yet, for example.


Yes can agree this with the interface and libary from Spotiy
But the Soundquality from Spotify is a little bit quietter as this from Amazon Music.Maybe is the reason 96 khz on Spotify and 192 khz Amazon.
And tidal i have tried it in trial version, and was the same as Amazon.
Interesting is the Tidal option Hifi, but the cost are awsome and ridicules.
I am Happy the most service have the same Quality for a good and small price and it is enough.
Maybe the Highres Dsd files gives more details but can destroy the Music because it have too many details who you heard.

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Had spotify for a long time but I’ve recently switched over to Qobuz. Qobuz has better sound quality and pretty good selection. Spotify has a better interface but Qobuz is getting there. Didn’t like Tidals selection at all.

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Ere this has helped alot I guess pony up for Gobuz haha or amazon or I may keep with spotify seen as its all already there haha. And has all my playlists on it.

Spotify is a little quieter than the others, yes. Spotify’s apps also default to loudness normalization. If you turn that off in the menus the loudness goes up for most tracks, but then you have volumes varying if you have shuffled playlists.

I have use Spotify on the Ps 4 and it was not so good.Because the Soundchip from the Ps4 is really bad only 48 khz.
I have read on the Pc it is better but it was a other Time who i have try it.At this time my father was ill and i don‘t have any place to install a computer.That was the thing.

I have see on Qubuz the abonement is 10€ in Germany and just Mp3 in 320 khz.
What have Amazon for resolution in Amazon Music?(Standart not ultimate)
And 20€ per month is not cheap i find for the Hi-fi resolution, Amazon is cheaper when you combinated it with the Prime account.

Spotify’s highest quality setting uses 320 kbps Ogg Vorbis format. I believe their files are encoded from a 48hkz sampling rate, so the PS4 wouldn’t have been the limiting factor for that reason (though possibly other reasons). Amazon HD streams FLAC files from 44.1KHz-192KHz - or at least that’s they claim. Their lack of an exclusive audio output (meaning either ASIO or WASAPI in Windows) means that the stream maxes out at whatever your Windows audio system settings are. I use an optical out from my motherboard on my desktop computer. I have the Windows mixer set up to output 24 bit 96 KHz audio. At that setting the Amazon Music app reports streaming files at 44.1, 48, or 96, but the Windows mixer scales everything to 96 KHz. It’s still lossless and sounds better than Spotify. The difference in audio quality between that and Qobuz is also very tough to hear on my equipment.

I use qobuz. All streaming services I’ve tried have left me wanting in terms of features, however on quality alone, I’d vote for qobuz as best streaming service.

Qobuz Android app has now dark mode

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The music streaming service works best for me is Tidal, but I use it with Roon. It can be quite pricy per month so I am skipping meals for both lol. I am kidding :upside_down_face:
If you want to save some spending, you can use a Tidal Music Downloader to download all songs with original quality when you are still on Tidal free trial. When it expires, you can still keep them.
Most of the services offer a free trial for users to test it out.

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I’ve been messing around with Windows mixer settings for Amazon HD and settled on 24/192 but that was purely based on there (supposedly) being some files encoded at 192 and not because I can hear a difference. I really like the service but not the idea of things being resampled by Windows after all the effort I put into the rest of my system - Amazon really need to get exclusive mode sorted.

I love Amazon Music HD when streaming through a Wiim Pro. Unfortunately the windows app is sub par compared to other streaming options.