Best natural sounding IEM under $200

As the title says, I’m interested in finding out what’s the best natural sounding iem under $200 regardless of driver configuration. And would that be good as an all rounder iem in terms of music genre playback?

Reecho and Peacock Spring 1 has an interesting driver config with it’s 2 DD’s and 1 BA, this helps it deliver a great tight bass that’s not over blown but with natural texture, same goes for the mid bass, the mids/upper mids are a tad forward which is great for vocals especially female which again sounds pretty natural, highs can sound a little hot for some but tip selection can help with this, cymbals etc sound great too. Over all a great monitor’ish set that has great timbre and a natural sound to them…easy on the eye too lol…


Damn that sounds pretty good, they were one of the options I was looking at but wasn’t sure. May I ask which tips you’ve found to be the best for them and that may tame the treble?

Tried a few tip’s I personally didn’t have an issue with the treble but I found Final Type E’s to gave the most balanced presentation so stayed with them :+1:

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Ok cool I don’t think I’ll be able to get the final type e tips. I’m planning on ordering from Linsoul, the brands of tips they have is tripowin, azla and dunu (spinfits). Are any of those any good for the spring?

A whole size range of tips come with the cheap E1000’s if not then spinfits would be the nearest along with Sony EP-EX10A’s :+1:

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I get most of my tips from amazon japan. I would recommend that you grab a few different tips and buy everything at once if you can.

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Thanks I think I might, I have a $20 gift card for Linsoul that I was hoping to use. Products can be bought from Linsoul through Amazon right? I’ll have to ask them if gift cards can still be applied through that way.

Not sure if linsoul has a store on Amazon Japan.

They don’t really have a lot of accessories like tips and cables, so for that I would buy from a separate store.

I see, yeah here in South Africa it’s quite hard to have a good selection of products, Linsoul is just a very nice store to shop at because they have a pretty good selection (except in the tip department). I’ll figure it out though thanks for the help guys!:raised_hands:t3:

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