Best Near-Mid Field Speakers for relatively small rooms?

Alright so, for some time (about 3 years) I’ve sat and listened to countless pieces of music from a fairly broad range of genres, electronic, classical, hip-hop being some of my favorites with a pair of JBL LSR 305’s hooked up with an SVS SB1000. These were the speakers that got me into audio, but now i’m looking for the next level, but have VERY little experience in listening to higher tier equipment.

I’m mainly in my bedroom using my large desk for the setup, with the LSR’s close to the wall. Clean looking setups are everything to me, So i’ll be more than likely setting a future pair of speakers up to a Schitt “Ragnarok 2 - multibit dac version”

Since I’ve never really engaged with high grade audio equipment before, with the best sounds i’ve ever heard coming from my pair of JBL’s I’m not really sure what im looking for, that said, I don’t mind a warm character in speakers since I love my low end.

Main Question
For a budget of around £1300 what are the best pair of speakers I can get for a brilliant nearfield to mid field experience. I was looking at 3 options mainly SvS Ultra’s, KEF LS50’s or the Dynaudio Evoke 10 (compare these if possible, that said I’m open to suggestions)

Bonus: What would you say would be the biggest improvement in audio quality comparing £200 speakers to £1000 speakers?


the LS50’s would definitely be a candidate. you could also look at the Quad S series, but they’d require an amp.

Ah yes the LS50’s are a really popular choice! availability though looks a little rough, as for the amp, I believe im covered for that since the schitt ragnarok 2 is an integrated amp :slight_smile:

(if you’ve got a trusted link to a new pair i’ll take a look!)

I’ll let someone else from the EU speak up about where to look for the LS50, as I’m in Canada.

you should read up on the Quad’s though…they’re a UK firm that started back in the 30’! :slight_smile:

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