Best no sizzle portable solution

So as the title said, whats your best minimum portable audio solution? does spotify or tidal is enough for you guys? or u need that flac or dsd stuff even on portable?

i was using LG v30 for more than a year, and it was mostly enough for my iem (TFZ exclusive 1, Vsonic gr07, tin t2, final audio e3000)

and today the thing finally broke.

kinda looking for get pixel 3a and pair it with audioquest dragonfly

I wouldn’t recommend the Dragonfly. I had one for a while and it sounds good, but the full sized usb was annoying af. I would rather get a nx4 or q5.

Really? i could see myself just permanently plug my earphone with the unit for the entire day
and plug it to whatever source whether its phone or a laptop

still extremely risky to lost the damn thing tho