Best Open Back's Under $200?

I am using these mainly for music listening and I do not need them to be portable. Thinking of pairing them with the Ifi Zen Dac. I mostly listen to Rock and hip hop. Any recommendations?

Have you gone with the zen dac already? Also any specific signature you think you are going for?

No I haven’t gone with it yet. I’m new to audiophile stuff so I’m not sure what signiture I want.

Gotcha, well the hd58x is pretty solid if you want a pleasing warmer sound that is a bit intimate but pretty refined. If you would be looking for something more neutral bright, wide, and exciting the dt 880 600 ohm is pretty sweet (although this would want a different dac/amp setup). If you wanted to try a planar headphone with a wider v shaped signature that is pretty different, the he4xx is pretty nice (but would also want a different dac/amp)

So it looks like I would probably enjoy the hd58x and the dt 600 ohm, is there any dac/amp you would recommend instead for those?

So for the 880 600 ohm, I would actually say grab a liquid spark and run it without a dac for the time being, that should be pretty solid

For the 58x, you would be just fine with the zen dac imo

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Ok thanks, this was really helpful, I appreciate it.