Best options for around 300~$

I am looking to do a new 2.1 setup I already have a 10 inch sub that pumps way more bass than I’ll ever need in the smaller room this will be in. I was looking at the kefq100 it can be had for around 300 and for that I feel like it could be worth grabbing. What all else is out there? Or what are the best options. I want to hear from people who have real world experience in that price range. Doesn’t have to be 5.25 can be 6.5s I wont need the low end. Just need a great sound and build. Aesthetics are somewhat important I guess they will be in the front of the room for all eyes to see and hear. Thanks in advance

take a look at the Kanto YU4’s.

I’ve been curious about these do they have decent sound? Or are they more mainstream for the looks?

I also should have included I dont have to have powered it prefer passive, as well as I’d like to be able to place these fairly close to the wall where the tv will be mounted so rear ported could be an issue. But I’m not ruling it out as I can work around that.

If you want to have them close up against the wall, the Monitor Audio Bronze 2 or ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 would work well

The monitor audio are a tad high unless I can find them used, the elac over the q100s?

I would say it depends on preference imo. Also would depend on what amp you are looking at

I will be using a denon reciever since I already have it

The elacs will have a more laid back sound with more low end, where the q100 will be brighter and potentially more detailed. Elacs have better soundstage while the kefs have better imaging

Thanks for that that’s the kind of info on different speakers I’m looking for.

Yeah I would say the elacs have more body to the sound and generally have a more agreeable sound signature, where the kefs focus more on detail and imaging, and might be a bit strange or bright sounding to some, but others may love the sound. I would say the kef is going to be more amp picky compared to the elac. The kef is better built imo and smaller, while the elac doesn’t feel as solid but larger.

@Bo_Hutchinson feel free to PM me if you have any questions about our speakers.

Elac UB5s are scary good IMO, if you can stretch the budget a bit and / or find a used pair.

Also true, but you wouldn’t be able to shove those up against a wall, but if you could make some space they are great

Agreed, rear port does need to breathe. I want to hear the new debut 6.2 reference, it’s front ported. I heard the Navis at RMAF but not the new 6.2

That does look pretty interesting, would be curious to check it out

Ended up settling for these. Zeos review for them he raved. Small but the room will not be big. If they dont do the job then I’ll still have them for something else for the price for some rare vintage goodie to try why not

Ah so you scored a deal on the older model, nice :+1: