Best Passive Speakers under $150 for 2020?

Has this been posted anywhere else?

What do you think the best passive speaker bookshelf or floor-standing under $150 is in 2020?

Jamo S801
Fluance SX6W

I was going to mention elac debut 2.0 b6.2’s but turns out they’re selling for $120 more now than when I bought mine … I’m sure the 5.2’s are great and rb42’s should make the list as well

yeah I would say definitely between fluance Sx6W and micca RB42 for bookshelves. I’d probably go micca if its nearfield or a small room and fluance if its a living room setup.

do these all still hold up in 2020?

I think so yes, they are pretty solid

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not the Jamo?

Oh wait were supposed to be ranking them or something? They are all fairly solid lol

in my opinion yes. I don’t own the miccas but a friend does and I have had a good amount of time to listen to them. I feel like they excel on a desk in nearfield due to the small footprint and great sound, but they are decent in a small to medium room as long as you have the right amp to power them correctly. You can sort of get away with a lesser amp in nearfield since you don;t need to push them as hard.

I own the fluance and used them in my main home theater/music setup for 3-4 months before I got my SVS Ultras. They are good, cheap, and loud… I think they are worth the money and are priced appropriately. I wouldn’t take them over my KEF Q100, Edifier S2000pro, or SVS Ultra but they are considerably less money so…

another good budget choice in bookshelf speakers is the sony SSCS5.

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Regarding the elac yes I think it’s still a great speaker now… I have it in rotation from time to time

By far the best under $150 are the Infinity Reference 152 on sale right now for $134.99 here:

If you can afford $159.95, then the Infinity Reference 162 is an even better deal here:


That’s a pretty good deal atm

yeah looks pretty dope, I’ve heard good things about infinity speakers. I have a infinity r12 sub that I got when it was on sell last year and it’s awesome.

I currently own the R152’s and they are amazing speakers.

never heard of these before, any good?

Very good speakers. Harman has been selling them at a discounted price several times over the last year or two and I believe they are eventually going to stop selling these. They are very worth it for the price and much better than the choices you originally listed. Check out the reviews online. There aren’t many, but you rarely hear anything bad about them if at all.

EDIT: Basically, at that price, you won’t find anything better unless you come upon an amazing find in the used market.