Best Portable BT AMP

I got a pair of CA Solaris SE and im looking for a good BT portable amp like the FIIO btr 5.
But there some more options out there, witch one is the best one you people out there have tested?

btr5/3k, radsone es100/hud100, and the Qudelix 5k are the main choices for BT amps in the <$150 range

If you wanted to go higher for something really versatile and a lot better sounding, the Fiio Q5S is a really great portable DAC AMP that has really great Bluetooth implementation

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So if u had to recommand one of them witch one?

If you have the cash, then the q5s is undoubtedly the best BT amp/dac for IEMs.

I love my BTR5, don’t use the app or EQ

is there any hiss whit the Fiio?? i do get hiss even whit my MOJO

The campfires are known for having hiss on almost everything, there aren’t many pairings that don’t have hiss (although most can be manageable hiss). You can buy an ifi iematch to help with this hiss, but I think you would end up having to go with a very high end portable player to not have hiss or a higher noise floor imo


Ah okay, it`s not that i can’t live whit it since most of the time they i play music. But just wounder from your experience how high end do u have to go?

If you like what you have but just want a bit of hiss reduction, grabbing that iematch is worthwhile for a campfire iem imo. The mojo is very solid, and I think with other options in the price range you might be making a downgrade or sidegrade in sound quality

So I think the 1k range with players like a lotoo paw 6000 or cayin n6ii (e01 or e02) have hiss that is only noticeable when music is paused, so pretty good and would pretty much hopefully be a non issue, also they really take the campfire iems to another level. To have 0 hiss whatsoever, that’s a much harder task, some of the higher end A&K players had very low hiss, also in that range the luxury and precision p6 has a dead quiet noise floor, as does the questyle qpm (the qp2r has hiss though), but that depends on how high you want to really go (also all these players have bluetooth). You can get cheaper players without hiss, but typically there tends to be a bit of a quality loss on those extremely low output impedance designs as other aspects of the amp have to be sacrificed to get that low. I know that personally I would take better sound quality with a slight hiss over no hiss but not as good sq, but that depends on the person

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The cayin sounds interesting if it is a great pairing whit the solaris might have to look in to that one!

It’s pretty versitile, you can get something warmer more forward and fun with the t01 module, or go for warmer smoother with the e01, or in the middle with the e02, pretty nice. Although the a01 module was a bit boring. I do think the lotoo has a bit better sound quality, but the cayin does have more features and versatility

The best way I’ve found to check if a Campfire product has hiss on something is to search individual thread on Head-fi, just because the Campfires are so sensitive that someone is going to complain about it if it’s an issue.

I would recommend the BTR5 in general though I’d check for hiss issues. It does a really solid job at mid-fi sound quality in a convenient package.