Best portable headphones

I‘m looking for good sounding portable headphones. I don’t care if they’re open or closed, but they should be on ear or really small over ears.
The pads can be anything but leather (at least the part that touches the ears should not be leather).
The best options so far are HD25/ HD25 light with Yaxi pads (the cable on light version is easier to change to better cables since it’s a normal HD600 cable with same length to each driver) and Grado SR60x.
The best option would be Aeon RT but they’re not available in EU and I don’t want to deal with customs and shipping.
Grados are 130€ and HD25 with Yaxi pads are 140€.
I mostly listen to Kpop and classical music and already have KPH30i and KSC75 but want something different and better.

To be a provocateur, what about Grado GW100?

I don’t want wireless and those wireless grados always looked cheap to me