Best possible sound imaging?

Hi, I’m a headphone noob…

I play Warzone mostly and COD in general. I’ve read some articles and comments and I’ve come to the conclusion that Beyerdynamic is the right headphones for fps games(footsteps). However I’m still undecided between Beyer (dt1990s + ifi zen dac+can) and t1s . can you help me please ?
btw, If I go with t1s what’s the best dac and amp?
If you have any other recommendations please tell me, my budget is 1000usd and a bit flexible.
thank you

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Yeah that is honestly a good setup and should definitely be 100% considered. I would also consider for the price when they’re on sale for 550 down from 700 a focal elex the king of imaging. It has more bass and isn’t as a competitve headphone but the imaging is INSANE every angle you’ll know where they’re coming from and even does vertical imaging. Really nice headphone. The dynamics are amazing so when you wanna kick back that is really nice.

It just depends how serious you are.

This role of gaming heaphone could be overall fullfilled at a straight up cheaper price point by the DT 990. an overall V shaped headphone.

Doesn’t cost as much does essentially the same job. Isn’t as fun as the Elex [unless you get the 600ohm version but then you need some SERIOUS amp to push that kinda ohm resistance.]

I hope this helps a bit your original choice of the 1990 I just hope you know that outside of gaming its not the most … fun headphone its very serious. imagine a very serious german engineer thats always serious. If you’re even slightly a casual gamer and not 100% serious I’d go with the Elex. Comes on sale around black friday and those big sale times Etc.

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Sorry about the late response to your message there Azzurro, I did respond to the DM. Hope that helps, if you have any other questions feel free to ask.

if it wasn’t for the weird bubble like soundstage it would be a no brainer… but I do agree the imaging on the focals are a bit nuts… they absolutely can compete with the beyers and anymore I would say are a fantastic step up from the 58x jubilee recommendations.

yeah but the problem with 990 is that its horribly bright and has too much bass… it does exceptionally well… but does come with some caveats not to mention needing to be 600 ohms to sound at its best which demands an amp

Personally, if its not absolute serious… Id say either Elex or the T1.2. Both perform exceptional for cod and other use cases… 1990 is too aggressive for relaxed usage however, 1990 outperforms both of them in terms of raw performance competitive gaming if we compare all 3 in Tarkov over there… considering that 1990 is actually designed to pin point sounds and rip apart and point out flaws in music.


Yeah pretty much exactly. The DT990 conundrum is that if you get the 250 ohm it’s harsh asf if you get the 600ohm you now need some real power but they sound really good. I’d probably wouldn’t bother with that option and the 1990’s are the doom guy of headphones.

Rip and Tear

And don’t go for the T1.3 they aren’t good. If you’re interest in a closed back solution easy choice the MMX300 amazing imagine and great microphone too. And really fun sound. 32 ohms so it’s really easy to drive and generally is a great option. My general favourites for gaming.

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3rd gen is awful for competitive gaming… im not even sure what beyer was thinking with that one.

MMX300 is a redone up 770 much like tygr 300r is a redone 990… either way… agreed that it works just fine… I only consider that one a headset because of the attached mic… its performance is on the level of regular headphones making it essentially one the top performer of the closed back headsets that I have tried.


I love mine on a transformer based tube amp goddamn the audiophile experience is great.

Deadass as well Koss KSC75’s with Yaxi pads have amazing imagine and are super cheap and don’t get nasty from sweat. I love mine for gaming and is super cheap.

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There is a good reason those are in my write up lol. Glad you enjoy yours though… I barely use tubes, I should probably invest in a really good one at some point

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You’re missing out.

I’d recommend (transformer) SW51+ OR a darkvoice (OTL)

I gotta be extremely honest here @Azzurro and I don’t mean to be disrespectful but spending more than 200usd to play Warzone is a massive waste of money. The sound engine of the game is atrocious to say the very least. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do that unless you are going to enjoy a good pair of headphones beyond Warzone. Otherwise, it’s like gold glittering a t*rd.

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I respectfully disagree with you on this. While the sound engine may be bad the game can still utilize the headphone capabilities of the higher end beyers and things such as sundaras just fine… I would say beyond $400 as I normally mention is a bit more of a waste in this case. I am sure it’s not -just- warzone as well as most tend to span out to other games and uses regardless

I made this very point and I really hope we all enjoy a good pair of headphone for several games and music genres.

Now, the problem I have is this:

Now if you want the best possible imaging for warzone mostly, and you are willing to spend 1000USD my heart just sinks. The positional and distance cues in this game are either non-existent or extremely inconsistent. It doesn’t matter if you have the best imaging capabilities in your cans.

This is something that is very well documented

oh absolutely lol.

If you follow my posts, I see this… very very often honestly… I always say the same things… never jump to the end as its not a race and its not worth buying over $500 headphones for competitive gaming… Now casual gaming and music? oh hell yeah… absolutely… as games like cyberpunk and nier automata exist with some absolutely jaw dropping audio and soundtracks but just not for competitive…

This is the unfortunate reality and it goes based on the games… so we absolutely agree here… It irritates the hell out of me as these companies build fps games yet skip on a pretty important factor which is the sound of all things… Warzones sound engine is dreadfully bad… they cut every single corner imaginable… it doesn’t hold a candle to others like Tarkov

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