Best RCA Cables?

I need the shortest cables. I hate how my current ones just drag down underneath my desk and they are also very cheap. Would love some recommendations.

Was thinking of these:

But cannot tell if I should get them based on their reviews.


Those look pretty good

There are even shorter cables by schiit but they pricy lol

While twice as long as the Schiit Pyst cables, these are affordable:

I am a bit of a Cordial fanboy, so maybe grain of salt.

Have you tried the World’s Best Cables? Lol. I believe Zeos uses this pretty regularly

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I have 3 pair of those. I had to add blue lock-tight to the threads to keep them from constantly coming apart. Doesn’t stop me from recommending them though. Nice and supple, sound good and the red ones look great!

Job done…


i use these and have 0 issues

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or these:


I really like my HAC cables. Only downside is the wait.

I vote hart

I like hart cables, and I have several, but I wouldn’t deal with the wait for interconnects.
You also don’t have to spend that much in a 1 ft interconnect.
If the connectors are decent I wouldn’t worry about the rest.

or these:


I’ve have some of those and like them better than the Amazon Basics ones, more flexible and the connectors fit a bit tighter.