Best replacement cable for Blon 03s?

Hey fellas,
looking for recommendations on a good replacement cable for the Blon 03, just ordered mine on Drop and heard the stock cable is trash. Keen to know what’s good, TIA

I’ve come to really like the HiFiHear 16 core cable. Real flowy and soft.

Tried the tripowin cables and it’s not bad, but the HiFiHear cables are just so flowy.


I use the exact same HiFiHear one with my Blog 03s, I can definitely recommend it

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I bought some in AliExpress balanced and single ended for about 12/14 € and they work more than fine…

Single crystal copper (no silver plating) specifically for Blon’s.

I do not have a lot of experience with cables, but I bought the TRIPOWIN 8 cores and they look and feel amazing(if that matters to you). I am also trying them with my brand new KZ ZS10 pro, so I have very little basis for audible differences.

Thanks guys got the HiFiHear cable

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Hi there, just brought the BLONs. @Lel did you buy the TWO pin or the QDC connector and shave off the added plastic on the headphones? I already have a Tripowin 8 core two-pin so am wondering which to buy. Would appreciate your help. Many thanks

QDC Connector does’n fit with the BLON, so you can use your 2Pin

Filing was too much effort for me :rofl:

It is stable and so far, no one has complained about the look :wink:

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Two pins works just fine.

No don’t get the QDC, the blons actually have a weird connector shape that doesn’t fit the QDC connectors. Just get the regular 2 pins

*Ah I guess @anon92727144 illustrated this so nicely with all the images. Lol

I just rounded out the edges with a nail file until it fit my QDC cable. It took me about 10-15mins since I had to be sure to get the right fit. Just be sure to wrap the IEM itself with something before you start filing away; I used painter tape. A dust blaster would be helpful as well.

You can always get the Guideray Gr-i. New IEMs, tips, and a really nice cable with a microphone that is the same 2pin 0.78mm as the BLONs.

Hi @Lel Sorry for the late reply. So after you messaged I cancelled my QDC tip wire order !! Just in time many thanks. I already have a TWO prong Tripowin 8 core gold cable that I brought for my KZ10 Pros so I am going to use that for now and just switch between buds, I think I’m gonna go for one of those KZ Bluetooth two prong adaptors so I can have both sets of buds set up. Many thanks for your help saved me 30 bucks.

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didn’t notice it was the 2pin HifiHear I ordered is a 2.5mm -_-, any links to good 3.5mm adapters (the non cable versions, the ones that just plug straight into the end)?

The DDHifi ones are nice.

right angle tho :confused:

Gonna give this a go :man_shrugging:

I have a nice KBEAR 2 pin cable that I like but it doesn’t have the memory wire at the top and I kinda wish it did. Trying to decide if I want to switch or not.

Or get the Yinyoo cables off of Ali if you don’t want to pay up the wazoo~
The markup in these Chi-fi cables is ridiculous.