Best sounding "bluetooth" speakers

anything along the lines of the sony srsx9, fluance Fi70, and anker soundcore motion+ is what i’m looking for. anyone found anything??

-edit; I am looking for “portable” all in one systems for a bedroom/the road

Best sounding “bluetooth” speaker so far has been reference series monitors with a preamp with BT feature. :nerd_face: Making any speaker “bluetooth”.

As in more portable Bluetooth speaker, there is only one. Devialet Phantom.

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Why is the phantom 2 objectively worse statistically in every way??
-i see now that it is much smaller, naming it the phantom 2 instead of the phantom mini is a derp move

And much smaller component’s, less power but the sound quality and level it produces.
Beats any “traditional” bluetooth speaker.
The actual name, rarely points or gives anything useful information. You have to look the technical specs.

I did, it seems there is many an issue with these however (besides maybe the chrome black somehow??) so I will prob bail on it as it’s just really glorified powered bookshelf speakers at this point anyways

Check out minirig, I really enjoy my mini 2s oh and you can add their portable sub to Mike a great 2.1

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oh damn i forgot about those

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almost all the minirigs are MIA on the amazon us website?? what da hell

Yeah I got mine a couple of years ago from minirig. Iirc they have some pretty sweet deals on bundles.

fark, looks like the us is SOL

I mean mine took awhile but still showed up USPS within a couple of weeks.

it seems in the us i can still order from their uk website :>

Yep just watch the conversion rate, British pounds can get expensive lol.

yeah, but for some reason us products end up being the same price as their uk counterparts LOL

Buchardt A700s have a yikes price difference :<

any other reccomendations?

Honestly for main stream the JBL speakers are pretty decent. After that maybe the altec Lansing stuff. I haven’t been able to listen to many boutique bt stuff.

oh bummerrr