Best Speakers/Studio Monitors for $200


So I am currently holiday shopping for family and I figured I would get a pair of powered speakers or studio monitors for my brother. I set a budget of around $200. I am currently considering the following:

  • JBL 305p Mk II - $180 (Waiting for a sale back down to $90 each)
  • IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitor - $199.99
  • Edifier 1700BT - $149.99 (hoping for a sale to around $100, but can afford either way)

My brother has an interest in studio mixing and audio mixing, but hasn’t really gotten into it. I thought studio monitors would be a good choice as a result. But considering the sound quality, are speakers just as good? Does the Edifiers do anything that make it terrible for mixing such as coloring the sound?

As for normal use though, he’d mostly listen to music. He listens most often on his phone so bluetooth compatibility so he can stream music to the speakers would be nice, but not necessary.

Any recommendations from these or any that I have not listed?