Best speakers to produce music

Hello all,

Right now I have the speakers Edifier S3000 Pro + Focusrite scarlett solo 3rd gen in 192hz 24bit.
The question is, there are any speakers that admits 192hz but with more quality and more bass potency?
The maximum price i can pay is around 2000€.


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take a look at Focal’s monitors, those are made for studio work and have options that fit your budget.

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My vote goes to ZenPro modded Yamaha HS8s. INCREDIBLE bass for a monitor without being too much. Very well controlled and digs pretty deep. Stock HS8s are very good but the modded variant is a pretty huge step up.

Well the Sonic Reference is Genelec.
Adam Audio would be my second option, S-series monitors.

Might need a push the $ for the best and that is mentioned in the headline.