Best Sub $30-40 IEM

Just as a curiosity, and for an example for those who may want to try something out without spending a butt load on something they may not even like(or may simply not have that much to spend), what would y’all suggest for something UNDER $30-40?
A few options I’ve found are:

PLEASE do not include AliExpress, TaoBao, or other websites where you’ll be waiting several months just to get whatever it is you ordered (in conditions without COVID-19 floating around).
Again, I’m simply doing this as a curiosity of what the community tends to think of the bottom end/budget market for those wanting to just dip their toes in the water.

**Should also give me a link to send people who ask me about iems, but don’t wanna listen about getting on the forum themselves.

Hey, @M0N, would it be possible to have a thread detailing good starting points on a budget? Be it for closed/open back headphones, IEMs, ect. Something that could be linked to when people ask about “cheep” or starter options

I mean, I’m not the person to ask because I’m personally not a fan of stuff like that, I would rather work with the person to figure things out then send them a list or something, but if someone else want’s to do that go for it lol


I can understand that standpoint.

We have the “Too Good for The Price” list but that doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. Maybe we could do a “Dirt Cheap and Great” list too or something like that and break it into categories. But keeps everything under $50 or $100. Haven’t heard it but the KZ ZS10 Pro could probably go on the list. I can’t remember where but I saw someone link to this website where this guy is going through as much cheap Chi-fi as he can and making a database:
No clue if this person knows what they are talking about or not, but they are going through Chi-fi like it’s a Netflix subscription or something. :smile:

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I’d say the best sub 40€/$ Iem imo is the Blon Bl03, followed closely by Trn V90, Kz Zsx, Guiderai (now at a good price). From there we should go to the 100 bucks tier to get real improvements over those above mentioned.

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The Guideray Gr-i are selling on Aliexpress for under $40 normally.
But right now they are under $35.
#Aliexpress US $11.75 54%OFF | Guideray GR-i S 0.78mm 2pin Hybrid Earphone 1BA+1DD Earbuds Powerful Stereo Headset Custom Made Hi-Res DJ GR-i18 /GR-i58/GR-i68

Note: $11.75 is for the cable not the IEMs.

For under $50, yeah. For under $40? Not quite. I haven’t been able to find it under $40.

Except for this part. There are people who don’t feel like waiting months just to maybe get what they ordered… Or find it hard to trust the sellers.

One unit that I’d like to throw on the pile for good, cheap options is the KBEAR F1. Sealed, single balanced armature unit with a gimmick shape that actually makes them really comfortable. They’re a bit rolled off in the highest treble, but they’re decent all-rounders for anyone not looking for a basshead IEM. They isolate better than most and are a great pick for anyone who wants to see what an all-BA sound can offer.

Well during this whole thing with standard shipping I have been getting my orders in about a week on average still, two at most. I’m patient, a week or two isn’t going to kill me. If you don’t want to wait that long that is understandable, but free two-day shipping didn’t used to be normal, it is still relatively new. So I can deal with it. Saving money in my situation right now is more important than saving time.

yes, here I can suggest your best wireless earbuds under 30. must try these