Best sub 40$us iems

what would you consider the best iem under this price? probably most are gonna say blon bl03 but I dont consider them to be sub 40$us cuz you need a new cable + tips to be able to use them.

I’d look at the Final E2000 and E3000. E2000 is a more balanced / even sound while the E3000 is a bit heavier on the bass.

I agree on the E3000, but the E2000 isnt anything special to me.

However, both of them have a non-replaceable cable so that can be a deal-breaker for some (the cables themselves arent exactly thick either, so risk of damage is high).

the cables have been a complaint…but despite seeming flimsy, I’ve seen no one actually complain of it failing for them. quite the opposite, I’ve seen posts on reddit about how it’s lasted with no issues, much to the users surprise.

That’s good I guess. Personally all my iems that have died have been with non-replaceable cables and the cable being the failure point. (xiaomi piston/hybrid)

indeed…a removable cable is quite convenient, but can be a costly add-on.

At the very low budget ranges, yes. Buying the iem itself might just be cheaper than getting a new cable lol.

But for over 100 usd I say a replaceable cable is a must.

agreed and fortunately that is the way the market seems to be going. :smiley:

my problem with the e3000 its the cable, not that it is not removable but it seems fragile, my budget is tigth, I can spent up to 50$us but I dont have to replace it in weeks or months, I forgot to mention but in-line mic would be ideal, since even if a decide to got with an aftermarket cable, I cant find a decent one with mic

I’ve been reading and watching review the whole day, I just end up more confuse, but they all have some in commom, bl03, trn ba5, moondrop ssr, tin t2 plus.
I am mainly gonna use them for hardcore gaming so I am not exactly sure what to look for

KZ earbuds tend to be that cheap, with the KZ ZST costing only 20 bucks

this one is easy, guideray gr-i series obviously.

they just dropped down to $39.99 recently and are some of the best IEMs in the price bracket imo. The cable is actually pretty decent and the tips work well enough, at least I didn’t have any trouble getting a good fit and seal.

this is the second time, someone recomend them to me, could you link me to them? cuz everytime I search for them I found different models

They are all the same, the different models are just different face plates. no difference in sound.

to get them for $40 you have to go through linsoul

tbh tho I’d probably just pay the extra $10 to amazon and get it prime shipped and have it in 2 days, they are worth it anyways. but if you don’t mind the wait…

thanks I’ ll do my research about them…
so you recommend them above anything else in this price range?.. (trn v90, kz zsx, cca c10, bl03, t2, trn ba5)

Out of those ive personally heard the kz zsx, bl03, and t2 and yes I would take the guideray over them, although i really like the t2 as a nice inoffensive pair. Out of the others listed I’m only familiar with the V90 and from what I hear they are a pretty nice fun pair but obviously it’s gonna depend on individual preference.

I reduced my options to 3 after this. TRN BA5, Guideray GR-I and BLON BL-03
damn everybody loves BL-03, but, I just can’t find a good cable with a mic, that’s my deal breaker.

I still love the Tin T2’s for everything from music to gaming. I have found they produce excellent imaging in games like Apex Legends.

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For gaming I would take the Final Audio E500, it pretty much beats all iems for gaming that I have except for the absolute top tier (LZ A6 at 200 usd).

The TRN BA5 has a lot of moisture issues so I advice against that. The blon 03 has too loose bass for gaming (specifically FPS) and can have a horrible fit so not good out of the box.
Cant comment on the guideray since I dont have them nor have I researched them much.

Tin T2 should be a good choice. (although tin hifi has the T2 PLUS now that seems to be on the same level as their T4, I guess cost will be the deciding factor here, but the plus seems to be better than the T2 at least.)