Best Surround Sound Scenes (TV / Movie / Other)

So I figured I should get this topic off the ground. I will list a few. It would be awesome if you could time-code when the scene happens but if you can’t that is OK.

  • Jurassic Park (1994) - T-Rex Escape // The Rain, Thunder, the snapping wires, twisting metal and that ROAR… I’ve pushed many a system with that. [1h1m45s]

  • Master & Commander (2003) - Opening Volley // Dynamic range and more a treble frenzy then bass. Cannon balls rip through this scene and it feels louder then almost anything. [8m 50s]

  • Lone Survivor (2013) - First Battle // I wish video games could capture the sounds that this mediocre movie produced. Bullets and debris and ricochets to beat the band. [55m]

  • Psycho Pass -Sinners of the System 03 OVA - ANIME - Any action scene // This Japanese production is literally scary to listen to. Gunshots are at FULL dynamic range and I do not recommend it loud the first run through. [22m 43s / 56m 30s]


Fully agreed on that one. When my significant other and I combined homes I set up my home theater in the basement and put this scene on to make sure everything was up and running. She came running down the stairs and exclaimed “It sounds like there’s a real dinosaur in the basement!” I don’t know that I’ve ever been so moved by words before :rofl:

Also, the Balin’s Tomb (cave troll battle) through the Bridge of Khazad Dum scenes of Fellowship of the Ring are excellent sound demos.

The pod race from Phantom Menace (the movie is good for this and the OST, not much else…)

The Omaha Beach sequence from Saving Private Ryan. It sounds incredible but is such an emotional gut punch I don’t demo it much.

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For sure👍 …

Oh and the Matrix shoot out

The Children of Men Finale is great for this as well.

1917 and Dunkirk’s soundmixing are great for surround

I really like alien covenant for this purpose not a great alien movie but has some nice surround sound stuff

I always forget that iconic scene happens at nearly the exact mid point of the movie (full movie is about 2hr 7m). In my mind I always think it happens towards the end. Definitely another thing the OG movie got very right by making the first half almost entirely optimistic and the second half dedicated to tearing that all away. The sequels, which I do actually enjoy, are just all dinos almost all the time.

But to get back on track, there is a really great moment for those with Atmos setups in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse [19m 42s]

I don’t have an Atmos setup just yet, but at a friends I distinctly remember being amazed at a particular scene in the movie. Miles is struggling with his new powers and gets lost underground with his spidey sense going nuts (which also sounds great). There is a distinct moment when he is getting bombarded with sensory overload and suddenly a whisper cuts through it all saying “look out!”. The “look out” seemed to travel from the fronts, overhead, and then behind in such a chilling way. And then there’s a great fight sequence with deep thunderous bass, vocals from spidey doing spidey banter, screeching metal, amazing echo effects, and more. It’s a great moment in a terrific movie and I am refusing to rewatch it until I complete my current WIP because it just shows off quality surround audio so well.

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I brought my copy of Quantum of Solace to demo back when I was in HT Sales, used the opening car chase.

Starts off quiet then drops right into the chase, hear bullets flying around you in the tunnel, hear the jeep roll across the front speakers when it flips over. After it was over, get the customers reaction, as loud as it all was, totally clear on the system we had set up in the store.


Ford vs Ferrari, race near the end of the movie - 24 hrs of Le Mans.

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Mad Max - Fury road.

I really like the Intro part, where echo’s surround the room and you can hear them all over the place. “We are killing for gasoline” and so on.
Well the hole movie has great surround scenes.

House of Flying Daggers

Few very nice surround scenes.

Star Wars

Many of the Star Wars movies have good surround scenes.

Guardians of the Galaxy.

Few awesome scenes, one is in Morag, with the Infinity Stone.

John Wick

At the club scene, oh yea.


Even in animation. There are great surround scenes. Specially the one in space, flying around.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
Surround effects were more in the music side.
Still sounded pretty nice in many scenes, some of a H.Potter type soft or uplifting magic themed music effects.

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The movie Dunkirk deserves a high end audio system as it has incredible sound.

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