Best Towers Under $400/Pair, I Need Help!

What I’m looking for:

(currently stuck on Dayton Audio Mk442T’s but they miss some of these marks)

  • blacked out (bite me)
  • somewhat laid back non-revealing sound (mask bad recordings)
  • not bass focused (using L12 sub), so low distortion instead is my goal
  • great soundstage/imaging precision
  • flat measurements (not dull sound) throughout the 100hz-up area (can use minidsp so this isn’t that important)
  • dynamic(ish?) sound, I love to feel my music
  • Wide (not narrow at least) on-axis performance, I move a foot or 2 in all directions sometimes
  • warm(ish) sound

may just yolo and go with paradigm monitor se 3000f’s (I’m pretty sure they fit all these boxes??)

SoundStage! Access | ( - Paradigm Monitor SE 3000F Loudspeakers

SoundStage! Hi-Fi | - Paradigm Monitor SE 3000F Loudspeakers Conquer Systems One Old & New

you’re spamming the forums with a lot of redundant questions, Rob, and you’re wanting the golden goose for the price of lead duck feet and that’s not gonna happen. you will get what you pay for.

best thing for you to do is look up the used market and see what’s out there in your price range. then correlate the likes / dislikes / plus’ / minus’ and see what comes up as the best solution. at your budget it’s going to be about making compromises that you can live with.

if you can’t or won’t do that then you’re simply going to have to continue saving :slight_smile:


Always looking for that peak price to performance, i was wondering if I got annoying at some point (seems i did) I just like to optimize everything to death, I’ll probably just go with the paradigms because they fit the bill mostly. I may make a post asking if they’re forgiving whatsoever towards bad recordings (reviews mention they aren’t the most transparent speakers and I believe that correlates to forgiving of bad recordings??)

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I’m not annoyed…that’s hard to do. but…you may be a bit of frustration to others and I’m trying to save you from potential ire :wink:

what is your maximum budget now? and if you could go an extra month or two to save more?
where do you live?
what are your music sources?
what kind of music do you listen to?
what equipment do you have already and what do you need?

  • ie. powered speakers? amp if you get passive? do you have a DAC? etc…

Honestly?… I barely have any gear and i use youtube music premium for streaming music. It’s rough, and i plan on getting good budget gear soon, I listen to a lot of heavy metal and small amounts of many other types of music. I’m just mostly making plans because it keeps me busy during these dark parts of my life.

My current plan is to find flac versions of at least most of the music on my youtube account to play off of hardware (a dap and my pc hard drive) for portable and home usage. This is what I will actually purchase first:

The sub is due to large bass demands from yours truely, headphones and amp choice is for gaming, everything else is cheapest decent picks to get my ears acclimated to “hifi” (I wanna get my ears cleaned too).

I live in the us, and my current gear is just a pair of black iquake-52s… 2 feet from my head on a desk, and a 3.5mm to rca cable. Rip. Gunna move the iquakes to a dresser for tv duty with a fiio Bluetooth reciever as the dac and some actual room to breathe front and back

I will be turning my desk 90 degrees in order to give the new back ported speakers open air (4 feet of it) to breathe in

Speaker stands.

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Take a look at Emotiva T0’s.


definitely fits a lot of the catagories, but ultimately leads me to think they will be too revealing, i’ll find something to do with them however…

i’ll second the t-zeroes. for the price they’re pretty damn good.

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They will definitely go on a list (maybe even 2nd pair for good recordings??)

I plan on moving out soon and will hopefully have an entire room for sound doodads, the space infront of the dresser is too narrow :(

I did have a very interesting idea to put a table on top of the dresser and mount speaker stands to it with jbl 305ps but my monitor and pc would kill the sound :(((

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Id still get stands for the desk its a must for the audio journey. One more tool in the toolbox !

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I have been considering stands along with the pads, Depends on how high I will be sitting in the chair I want to get. RN at current level all I need are the pads, might not even need to angle them.
My current speakers are perfectly in line with my ears actually, but they’re taller than the speakers i’m going to get, and i’m slouching in this butt terrible chair… might need stands

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