Best Tube Amp for IEMs?

Another question would be if IEMs would even benefit from tube amps.

Generally I would say most tube amps don’t really jive that well with iems, especially OTL. I think if your goal are iems and you want some of the characteristics of a tube, than a hybrid amp or a solid state with a tube dac or tube preamp would be the way to go if you are looking for a specific sound. You can get away with a tube amp for some iems with some high end tube amps, but even then it typically doesn’t perform as well as a more suited solid state amp. Iems aren’t really made to be driven by tube amps and tube amps aren’t typically designed to be driving iems, that being said there are some portable options available

You can look into an oriolus ba300s for a tube amp designed for iems, or the cayin n8 or n3 pro for more iem focused tube amps (cayin is also coming out with a portable tube amp as well), woo also makes the wa8 eclipse which is pretty nice for a portable tube dac/amp, and the alo continental amps are portable tubes iirc. There are other harder to find/more exotic options, but you don’t have that many to pick from for portable tubes made for iems.


How about a ZOTL for IEMs?

Im surprised that there are that many options out there. I might take your advace and just get a solid state with a tube preamp. Thanks!