Best V-Moda BoomPro headphone combinations

Hello, I’ve been looking at many headsets and I’ve came to the conclusion that no headset has a mic that is as good of quality as the V-Moda boom pro for my budget (under £100).

If anyone could suggest any CLOSED BACK headphone combinations for the boom pro that will work well for Xbox gaming / streaming I would be highly grateful!

The PC 37x is pretty damn good for the money and has a good mic and is good for gaming at usually a $100

Ah NVM closed back

I believe the ath ws 1100i should be compatible

Would semi open be an option? Something like the K240 with a mini xlr adapter or the Superlux HD668 with a 3.5mm coupler might work if so, keeping it under $100

Maybe a takstar pro82?

I think closed may be the best for streaming and doing voiceovers on Xbox, what do you think??

Are the takstar pro82 closed back and compatible with the boompro?

It should be

I believe the boompro is a 3.5 mm connector and that’s what the pro 82 takes but doing it this was is just a roundabout way to make a cooler master mh751 which has a pretty decent mic

I think closed back would work best for your situation. Open back headphones would likely leak sound into your mic feedback

Yeah I think open back would cause (even if quiet) sound feedback back into the mic which would be bad, the cooler master mh 751 look pretty attractive and some people have repeated the Beyerdynamic custom one pro as a good choice too, what do you think? And I was originally attracted to the V-Moda M100 headset but apparently it isn’t good for Xbox gaming.

I have a USB Antlion Audio Modmic on my SHP9500 and do not get feedback loops. I use the setup at work for online conferences and phone calls. I do get complimented on quality. For me I would need to have the volume past comfort levels for feedback.

My issue is I am in cubical land so the noise leaks from my neighbors. lol

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of experience with a lot of headphones, but I use my Vmoda boom pro with both my Vmoda Crossfade Wireless headphones and my Audio Technica ATH-M50’s and they both sound great. The Vmodas are a little too bassy sometimes, but fun for games like COD with a lot of explosions. The M50’s are pretty good all around though.

@DriftyWingss I would say the Cooler Master MH751 or MH752, either one is the same just one has a special sound adjuster thing. They are exactly the same headphones as the Takstar Pro 82, just different skins.

Yeah the CM751 seem attractive and if the mic isn’t good enough I can just order a boom pro as use that! Although I prefer white headphones they do have a nice design!

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Yeah they are surprisingly not over the top for gaming headphones lol.

Any other headphone suggestions would be appreciated too!! What are the Beyerdynamics custom one pros like?

You may want to consider the beyerdynamic mx300. You would probably have to find a used pair to fit your price range…but they are really good gaming headset.

A good enough used pair of those is a little out of my budget lol