Best value WIRELESS headphone for competitive FPS

Hey everyone!

Such a great community you have here.

I am currently in the market for a headphone for 100% competitive FPS gaming . I am currently playing a lot of CsGO, Call of Duty 4 and I would like a headphone that gives the best advantage at picking up sound cues such as footsteps .

From my research it appears that these are best:

Looking forward to hear your suggestions, thanks!

Hey there and welcome to Hifiguides @Edems ,

I would first of course ask what your budget is… though I would definitely skip on that ATH-G1WL not the greatest in my opinion. Cloud flight on the other hand has way to much bass and will get in your way when it come to competitive sounds like footsteps. Are you looking for a headphone or gaming headset?

Something to keep in mind that by going wireless you sacrifice quite a lot of sound quality and it limits the choices by a very large margin.