Best way to record my System?

Its in the title, What would be the best way to record my system to give people a reference without being here haha. Obviously they will be using different equipment obviously but as a demo or guideline haha. Could also help with placement or before an after of altering something for a more or less so you know what it changed.

Also wasnt too sure where to plonk this so its in off topic. Better Safe than sorry haha.

A stereophonic mic setup at the listening spot could do.

Soundman OKM II would work. You wear those on your ears during recording. No particular hands on experience with them, but has to be more practical than building something from a helmet and lav-mics :wink:


This is really interesting. :no_mouth:
Thanks for the info!

what do you want to record? Your screen or system audio? If you are attempting to record them, you can try to use TunesKit AceMovi

What kind of recording? if you want a good start of recording audio a USB audio interface will be a good start. Focusrite Scarlets are the usual go to ones if you want to record your own stuff on the go.