Best well rounded gaming headphones

Audio heads, I need some help. I’m currently using the Superlux HD668B headphones with brainwavs hybrid pads and a ModMic for gaming. Unfortunately my puppy has pulled my headphones off my skull a couple too many times and the nipple-like connector is starting to break. Living in Arizona and summer basically here, there’s going to be a lot of time spent indoors gaming.

The HD668Bs have been great for the price… good imaging, wide sound stage, and decent bass. I mostly play FPS like Siege, GTA or Warzone. I also enjoy stuff like World of Warships, too. So, trying to find some cans that’ll be good for footsteps, but also give a little bass for booms.

What are some good headphones I can pickup for around $100-250ish and why do you recommend them?

I am just gonna sit here and wait for the onslaught of people jerking it for the DT880 600 oHm.


Yeah, after reading through these forums all day, I’m hoping for some other ideas considering the situation. Because a detachable cord would be a plus. Maybe something that doesn’t require an amp. I see a lot of people talking about the dt880s, but how do they compare to something like what I have? On other sites, I’ve seen the (mass)Drop Sennheiser and hifiman headphones listed, too, but not much as to why they’re recommended.

So, not ruling them out… Just might have to get a soldering iron and mod them for longevity LOL

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Funny guy over here, hate this headphone for gaming. I will type up what I keep typing up on here for gaming recommendations lol

I suppose before I go typing a paragraph I need to ask. Open back vs Closed Back or don’t matter? Explaination: closed back will provide more isolation and immersion and tend to have a better bass meanwhile open back leaks sound but provides a more 360 degrees sound experience allowing you to place and pinpoint sounds like footsteps explosions bullets etc a lot better. any personal preferences in sound outside of footsteps and booms?

Am I wrong though? Are there not people here who gush over certain headphones, like the one I mentioned, or, more specifically, the silver one?

Your definitely not wrong, but they are entitled to that opinion. Personally, I think the 880s are awful for gaming or at the very least only “good” and that there is much better… 58x jubilee smacks that headphone down big time and only loses on soundstage as far as gaming is concerned.

Weird cause you seemed to really like the 990 which performs pretty close for gaming it’s just mainly a different sound sig

Not that different even, mainly just more neutral with the 880, not really a massive change in tuning (you can very much tell it’s still a beyer lol), imaging and staging performance is close. Also use the same pads and build too

They use the same pads and build yes. however, 990 is sharper it caters more towards what you want in competitive. Lows, bass, highs, treble, and a wide sound stage with onpoint imaging. The 880s cater more towards the neutral which just emphasizes a natural good sound more of a jack of all trades master of none sort of deal while also being semi open back so sound stage takes a small hit.

If you are after a sharper sound, throw the 880 on a sharper amp, that would do what you want lol. I would assume that the boosted subbass of the 990 also isn’t ideal for competitive as that would have a larger potential of masking sounds and distracting (at least it can be from my experience)?

Isn’t that also the same for the 990? They were designed for relatively the same purpose

I suppose you can say that it could’ve been the fault of my liquid spark in that case and that a different amp could have been recommended to make the 880s sharper. I can only speak from my experience and overall knowledge involving the two while actually playing competitively. Subbass is actually useful for things such as the deeper foot steps across wood, explosions, gunshots, these all account to the bass and its sub. designed for the same. different signature.

I get that for sure, just wondering why you feel such a large difference being that they are more similar to the 990 than not, then vs the 58x. For gaming, the 58x is a decent bit harder to make out where things are, with a warmer signature and a fair bit smoothed over sound, not that great for staging imo. This is if you are going for competitive of course, the 58x is great for mixed use gaming

when it comes to the 880 vs the 58x I look at them less in a competitive fashion and more in the sense of which one is the better all rounder neutral. 58x is designed flat. while 880 is a neutral V. Sound wise 58x has a lot more body and from personal experience it just performs better in both cases for an all rounder casual and competitive. 880 can be used for the same purpose but the V signature makes things sound rather thin and tin like in some cases the bass isn’t all there

Imo the 58x is a warmer headphone, where the 880 is more brighter neutral. The 58x seems more artificially bloated in comparison, still nice though

alright well, terminologies not great at them yet. Now, if you were to use an amp that emphasized the bass a little more… cleaned up the treble and make it slightly sharper and brought up the mids just a hair and added some body on the 880s? I do think they would be good. However, liquid spark didn’t do well enough in this case.

The Superlux is semi-open and I think mixed with the hybrid pads, that’s probably where the decent bass comes from. I’m not opposed to open back, because I know they tend to have better imaging and soundstage, and I’ve heard a few have decent bass.

I’d like to think I’m still competitive, but I know I’m getting too old to keep up with the kids. I was ranked in the top 1000 for r6 Raven Shield almost 20 years ago, but nowadays, stats look more average. So, if I lose a little soundstage and imaging, it’s ok. Like my title says, just looking for something well rounded.

I would say most open back have more than decent bass, it really depends on the headphones

I’m actually enjoying the comments from you guys It’s giving me some perspective I’ve not found on a lot of the other posts here. At least not all in one thread.

So at this point 880s and an amp if I want a more natural sound. 58Xs if I want something a little warmer sounding.

If the 880s can get a little tin-y sounding in some situations… Are they something you’ve worn for several hours comfortably or do they cause fatigue after an hour or two?

If paired with the right amp imo no, I personally would say I don’t find them tinny. Comfort on Beyer’s are real solid, so I don’t foresee issues there