Best wireless headphones under 250$

What would be your favorite pair of wireless headphones for audio only (not ANC) in the above mentioned price range?
Bose, Sennheiser, Yamaha, Sony, Jabra or something else i missed?

sony wh 1000 xm3 for me. as mentioned in this review post of best earphones

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I’d have to agree with the mx3 but i have heard of some smaller brands doing pretty good ones (just without the same lvl of ANC), but even without it the XM3 is fine.

You also go for a IEM with a wireless adapter, i have been daily driving the Moondrop starfield + FIIO TWS3 for a while now. and its awesome (there are even better options nowdays)

Grado gw100 can be had for $249…

Just saw that theres a new model with the x driver now for $275 though:


I haven’t heard it, but for closed-backs there’s an AKG K371 BT version for 200$. These got good reviews. No Aptx or Ldac, though.