Best, Worse, and funniest boomer audiophile stories

I was at a home theater store the other day because I’m looking for a new A/V receiver for my 5.2 system. I was talking to the sales guy at the store, he was pushing a NAD T 758 V3 really hard on me, and I told him I was interested in a Denon AVR-X3600H. He said “Denon and Marantz are cheap chines garden variety junk that you buy at costco”.

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NAD is good but not that good lol. I would say marantz and nad can be on the same level for some products

It’s not that I think NAD is shit, it’s just funny that he’d call those companies Chinese junk, when they are built in Japan and have very well respected reputations, but this guy did have a lot of audio quest cables so it makes since.

Some of the cheap denons are kinda bad, but the higher end stuff is pretty good

The one I’m interested in isn’t cheap, but ya I can understand some of the lower end 7ch models. I watch a lot of Audioholics videos and they love Denon and Yamaha’s stuff, Denon gives you a lot for your money on the high end, more than even Marantz does and they are the same company.

Some of the Yamaha amps are also pretty great for the money

Yamaha makes some really high end stuff now, much more so than they used to their AVENTAGE stuff is suppose to be really good.

Yeah but crazy pricy

Edit: nvm was thinking of the teac high end brand

I didn’t even know TEAC made receivers.

Their high end stuff is expensive stuff

ya, I can see that, it looks like they don’t make A/V recevers anymore, a lot of companies have gotten out of it because of sound bars. normies just aren’t setting up home theaters anymore.

Possibly look into gear used by designers and installers, as it can be effective and good, and potentially cheaper

This was the high end teac brand I was thinking of

Not audiophile, but also audio:

Having a slow start into the day,
not enough sleep,
and feel like falling asleep on the spot. Brain in idle…
Someone was hooking the mixer to the amp rack. For some reason there was a 1/4" jack in the signal path. And that just so happened to be the final link that was connected to the almost cranked amp rack.

Whole room went



A fun prank to drive someone setting up a venue nuts is to get a small lav mic and hook it up somewhere in the signal chain out of the way and not obvious, and then wait for the feedback loop to start and see if they can find it

That is just evil.

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There’s much worse things you can do lol

You mean like hidding a little delay effect pedal in the bottom of the rack and feeding main out through it?

Wonderful. You could also have the speakers cancel themselves out by swapping the polarity of half the speakers in the venue lol. Just make everything sound off

Or just cause something small to short to ground and keep tripping breakers or protection lol

Or you could put a noise gate set to only active to loud sounds and drive someone nuts

The only thing “boomer audiophile” makes me think about are the words “loudness war veteran”, heh.

I absolutely hate that phrase for some reason. It just sound so unfitting lol