Best XLR male to 4.4mm female adapter?

Is there really any quality difference between the different types of cables online? Are there any generally recommended here? A few I found online:


eBay 1

eBay 2

get one from Hart Cables. it may cost a bit more, but it’s got quality workmanship and you’re supporting a small entrepreneur. they give a 10% discount for HFG members to boot! :slight_smile:

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I bought one from It is made by Youkamoo. I bought a cable from them way back that didn’t work. The guy apologized, gave an immediate refund and told me to keep the cable or throw it away.
Can’t beat that when you are buying online.

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I would expect the same from Hart. :slight_smile:

I hope to one day to see Hart cables “in the flesh”. My set left Tyler Texas, December 8th and haven’t even made it to the border yet. Sigh…

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Their cables look nice but it does not look like they make adapters and if I were to go with their system I would do all my headphone cables and they dont sell the connector for my original HE-400i screw in connector (HE-400, HE-500, HE-6).

Yeah I saw that one on amazon US a few days ago and it went out of stock in 4.4mm. Thinking about it, I am sure it will come back in stock sometime.

The one I ordered now shows as out of stock. But then there is a different ad from the same company that is in stock?
Have you checked back for similar product ads?

From my end the 2.5mm is in stock but the 4.4mm is gone. It is still in stock on ebay though.

You are correct! I didn’t read close enough. The pics look pretty close and I didn’t read the fine print.

Glad I got mine when I did. I bought this for my Cascades. They came with a 4.4 balanced cable and that adapter is WAY cheaper than a balanced cable for the Cascade’s/HD800’s.

Yeah thats what situation im in with an HD660s and GL2000 coming. I do like the idea of going Hart cables and having a nice scalable cable but to justify that I would want to be able to get a cable for my old HE-400i and they don’t sell those connector types.

I ordered a HAC cable set five weeks ago (yikes!). I got the 3.5mm’s, the Sennheiser 2-pin’s (for my 660’s) and a cable for my Audeze LCD-2 Classic’s. Plus four connectors.

I asked about an XLR for my Cascades and it was about $100.00US, with shipping. That works out to about $130+ in Canadian bucks so I luckily found the adapter. It cost me $40.00Cdn, with shipping from China. About $30.00US.

Now just to wait for arrival.

Good luck with the hunt.

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How do you go about getting the 10% discount?

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I think you need to assault their base, breach their defenses and bludgeon their staff until you make them capitulate.

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Or, you can just ask Hannah. :grinning:

always the easy way with you… :rofl:

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Hannah just got back to me over the email about the HE-400i connector and she said they should be able to source the connectors when the custom shop comes back up so I may go ahead and just get all my cables converted.

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take a look at their inter-connector kits as well. :slight_smile:

Already have and was already planning on getting one!

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Their custom shop opened back up today and I just placed an order! I am extremely excited as well because the interconnect extension should allow me to move the wires out of the way for a clean setup!

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