Best Zeos reply - ever?!?

Looking for the Z review of the Fostex T40RP, I saw this question in the comments and the reply from Z:

What headphones would you recommend for watching porn? Obviously you’d want closed phones. But on ear, over the ear, earbuds?? And what about sound signature? I feel like I wouldn’t want a deep bass response for fear it would make the guy’s voice too pronounced…But then you might lose out a little on that big booty slap thrusting action. You’d probably want something really reference to get the most accuracy - But then again would a little rise on the high end to emphasize the female voice coincide with a bigger rise in my loins?! I just really like to have a headphone for everything. What is the perfect Pornophone Z?! Thanks in advance you’re the best.

You see closed is a two way street. YES you don’t let the passionate moans of the participants out but you also guarantee you don’t hear the doors opening around you or your name being called before the inevitable uninvited guest burst into your abode only to witness you, full mast, expressing your absolute love of dirty, dirty donkey midget porn.

So Semi-Open T50’s is the way to go.



honestly, depends on the genre too. You could find JAV a bit fatiguing if using a bright can. For jav i would for sure use something smoother and less bright

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There are many things to consider when recommending a headphone for this usage as well. Comfort is a large thing to consider. You want something that doesn’t absorb sweat, something can withstand some moisture and can easily be cleaned if needed. The comfort should also be good enough to not detract from the experience and make sure it’s not something you think about in the moment. Build is also very important, you want something with a cable that is not too long but not too short, so it does not restrict movement but doesn’t get caught on anything either. The build shouldn’t creak and it should allow for comfortable usage with one ear on and one ear off if in a situation that may involve an unwanted party entering.

Now on to the debate for open v. closed. Which one do you really want? Personally, for the best experience, open is the clear winner imo. It allows you to get a more natural experience, and also get a better sense of your surroundings, along with providing a vent for your ears to reduce sweat. Having an open can also allows you to implant yourself in the situation if you would like, taking immersion to the next level. Closed back can suffice if you want to really isolate yourself or protect from others listening in, but IMO open is the way to go for the best experience. Now on to sound. What region is the content from? The US, Aisa, Europe, Australia, etc? Is it real or something drawn or animated? What aspects do you want to focus on and what do you want to avoid? How picky are you about this whole experience? Where are you consuming this content and is it high quality, or can you only find lesser quality of your favorite material? What really gets you going? These are some questions that can assist in finding the perfect fit for the real distinguished connoisseur.


I really thought you were going to suggest the AKG K240 Sextett


Well I didn’t make any suggestions yet, since there was not a situation given to me lol. Those could be in the running for sure though depending on the situation

Also what about speakers?

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Yeah… full power and bass on the speakers when Peter North gives all he got :wink:

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I wonder if there is a market for mastering audio for adult films. Perhaps I should branch out lol


You should write a business plan for that - I think you could corner the market lol

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I guess I don’t have neighbors really near me so I could master at reference volume (very very loud lol)


cable NEEDS to be replacable too. can’t have a sticky cable

Very true, it also needs to have little microphonics too

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Meze 99 Noirs for black-on-black action
Neumanns for gay porn (or nuraphones because… augh)
1More for threesomes
Beats for BDSM, Beats solo for masturbation
JBL Everest for big tits
JBL Free for outdoor sex (or Turtle Beach…)
Aeon Flow Open for squirting
Koss UR-20 for “teen” porn
Razer Kraken for tentacle porn
Cat ear headphones for japanese porn

Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:


lol on porn websites it dosen’t fell weird to see “teen” in categories but it feels so wrong seeing that written down in this forum

Yeah let’s not go too far here

Just make a pm if you want to discuss that lololol (please don’t)


Also do they make porn OST?

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You know what, if I ever buy a sonoma mastering system I want to be the first person to release porn on DSD


that’s a good question, tbh i watch porn without sound si i am the wrong person to ask. well generally without sound.

that reminds me, i was watching some “vids” yesterday night, then i rememberd i was using my open backs…

please do so, the world would appreciate it

Just gotta bring that baby to RMAF as a demo disk and watch what happens