Better organization of entries

Entries are only sorted by top and latest. I think the website needs more categories such as price low-high/high-low, portable, or easy or hard to drive. If anything it would help if people put this info on the title instead of in the body to help people narrow down what they are looking for by ctrl+f. The body of the post can have the review.

What about tags?
Either Discourse has built in ones that are disabled or there is a plugin (server side) that has them.

Having many categories will be unwieldy rather quickly.

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I personally don’t want to make it more complicated, but whatever

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(some more characters…)

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The thing I always liked about the original list on Reddit was the gaming tag as well the little blurbs that would be along with the headphone.I would love if their was an option like clicking on the picture would take me to the official thread with the review rather than just a link to the video itself