Between the HD800s and T1 gen 2, which could be better for competitive?

These two headphones seem to have decent soundstage as well as great imaging, also capable for music… But I want to know the difference between the two.(I’ve read a post about Focal Clear and Arya, so let’s not talk about them). Hd800s seems to lack bass according to the FR, but T1 is recommended by plenty of people. Which one do you think is better for FPS?

Did a Google search and found this comparison.

I’d say the t1 for fps from what I’ve read but not from personal experience.

Also, I thought of going for the Clear for music+gaming usage. Is it better than the PC38X in terms of gaming performance?

From what I’ve read, Yes. The clear are probably better. This could be a thread that interest you as well. Focal clear for gaming? - #24 by Hazi59

This thread will be good for some comparison between the tygr 300r and pc38x. Seems that the Tygr are better.

So from those two threads i’d say the clear are better than the pc38x.

But it honestly comes down to what your looking for in a gaming and music headset. What do you value in a pair of headphones?

I’ve had my eyes on the beyerdynamic t1.2 for gaming and music which is why I’d choose the beyer t1.2
I’ve been reading through these threads to get a better idea of what I might want based on the points of view from these threads and the many others that give a good point of reference.

Can’t comment on the other, but the T1.2 is for sure the best headphone I have used for gaming. Imaging and stage is perfect for it I think. Hd800 should be good too, but from what I’ve read, the stage could be too wide for some games 🤷

it’s only good for it’s soundstage and imaging not for it’s sound quality, even then it’s nothing particularly special… it’s highly regarded because considering the budget and being a headset it’s easily the best but this isn’t really hard to achieve considering the gaming headsets are just in general rather awful pieces of junk anyway. Yes, the T1.2 absolutely wipes the floor with the pc38x(granted this isn’t even remotely a fair comparison… T1.2 is a $600 headphone and used to be over $1k while pc38x is around $160) unless you have a treble sensitivity however, as someone who uses this headphone on a regular basis and is using it as I write this now lol, it is definitely a scaling heavy headphone… better equipment is recommended at minimum something like the asgard 3. I personally prefer the warmer approach so I have mine balanced to my liquid platinum connected balanced to my bifrost 2. PC38x doesn’t have any scaling… it sounds like it does practically out the gate outside of some minor changes to my experience. I would take my T1 gen 2 over the HD800S any day of the week hands-down. Cheaper, great scaling, great tonality, not a one trick pony, more comfortable than the DT 1990, widest soundstage of the beyers, relaxed, smooth, heavily detailed, etc.

HD800s vs T1 gen 2(green) ^

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I’ve owned the t1.2 for about 6 months and recently purchased the HD800s, Arya, and Ananda for comparison.

For FPS (I’m playing warzone, insurgency, some overwatch, destiny 2) my ranking would be:
HD800s > T1.2 > Ananda > Arya

For overall value I would say:
T1.2 > Ananda > HD800s > Arya

For just music and some immersive games:
Arya > everything else I’ve ever heard

Having used the T1.2 for some time, when I put on the HD800s it almost felt like there was a slight veil in the t1.2 that had been lifted. Everything just seemed a bit more crisp and clear. For positional audio queues they are insane, along with separation. I was playing insurgency and there were probably 8 guys around me and I could have easily told you where each one was located.

That being said, the T1.2 is amazing for gaming. You are getting at least 90 percent of performance of the HD800s for $600-700. They definitely have better bass extension than the HD800s and I think they sound better with more genres of music. Overall the positional audio is still phenomenal here and you would not be upset with your purchase. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to try them balanced and your amp is obviously important here at 600 ohm as mentioned above.

The Ananda is also an exceptional headphone. I have zero issues gaming with it and also feel like telling vertical audio queues was easier as it seemed like it was delivered to my ear differently with the Ananda. These might be one of the best headphones for music as well. I would consider it a really great daily driver and be happy with it for gaming and music.

The Arya is just stupid good at music. For some reason that I can’t pinpoint I don’t like it for gaming. If I only cared about music, I would keep this and be very happy.

If you are looking for cheaper options I have tried a ton of stuff. The Tygr 300r is very good.

Most people probably don’t need to spend 500+ on a primarily gaming oriented headset, but for some reason we do anyway :wink:. I will say, I was playing warzone last night with my brother and I had the t1.2 on and he is wearing a PC37x. There were steps above us and I was telling him and he said he couldn’t hear anything. So whatever that’s worth.