Beyer T1.2 in EU?

As some of you may know, Beyer recently introduced the 3rd generation of their T1 headphones. I was hopeful at first but after reading/watching a couple of reviews I’ve pretty much determined I’m not buying them.

That said, I’ve heard the 2nd generation before and found it great but couldn’t afford it at the time. Now that I can (barely), it seems to have been sold out everywhere I look. :frowning:

A couple of caveats:

  • I’m from a country in the EU so I would really only consider buying from a seller who is from the EU as well. The import tax would otherwise be way too steep.
  • I’m mainly looking for a new pair right now but would consider used if there are no other options and the price is significantly reduced.
  • I’ve found some places that had it “on order”, however I unfortunately find this usually means they have no idea when (or even if) the headphones will be available because Beyer seems to be having issues with supplying the retailers (thanks, Covid).

Does anyone know of any places where they have it in stock and can ship to other countries?

What country are you in? I’m seeing a couple stores locally that seem to have them in stock but I don’t think any of them sell abroad. Might be worth calling smaller hi-fi dealers with no web presence and asking, better chance a small store will have a pair in stock than a big retailer that moves inventory fast.

Personally I’d go for a used pair, Beyerdynamic is very common in Europe and I’ve seen really good deals on them second hand(~50% off MSRP in good condition).

I’m from Slovenia.

If all else fails I’ll go the used route, however I’ve never bought anything used over the Internet so I am quite weary of the prospect. Especially since this is probably going to be the most I ever spent on a pair of headphones.