Beyerdynamic 990x880xTygr (only competitive FPS)

I know that these models have come up more than once and are the most discussed, but nevertheless.
After reading a ton of information on this forum, I need help choosing between these models that are available to me for purchase:

  • Beyerdynamic DT 990 (version?)
  • Beyerdynamic DT 880 600ohm
  • Beyerdynamic Tygr 300R.

Headphones for competitive FPS only. BR games like Apex/Pubg etc., FPS Tarkov oooh this game…
There are no problems with dac / amp. I have no problems with the perception of bright headphones, so I tend to Beyerdynamic DT 990, but which version is better to take? As I understand it, with their minuses, are they still better than the other two headphones?
Need the best of them for the listed games and FPS games in general.

personally haven’t tried 990 but have owned 880 and TYGR
TYGR you won’t need a DAC/AMP, 880 you’d need one
personally I liked the 880 a little more for gaming and music but TYGR is a better value for sure

I’ve had all three, the DT990 250 ohm is best, the 600 ohm has a treble spike that will make you jump out of your chair if gaming and something hits at that frequency (I learned the hard way).
The DT880 600 ohm has bass distortion that will show itself in explosion heavy parts of games. The DT880 250 ohm is much better for gaming.
The Tyger 300r has a little boomy bass which is bad for hearing everything else. With silver DT770 pads it’s not as bad. I would still highly recommend the regular DT880 250 ohm over any other choice for gaming. The bass isn’t too much, and the treble peak on the new ones are detailed, and one or two plies of toilet paper cut into a circle and placed under the foam on the driver will tune it. It works like a comb filter, but really effective. Diyaudioheaven has a “Taming the treble” article explaining it all (including measurements of the effects).
If you buy used, make sure it’s open box and the pads are fresh, since they’re $36 to replace them.

I will buy new headphones in the official store.
So your opinion is that DT 880 250 Ohm will be the ideal tool for competitions in these games? Or for gaming in general?
Because I’m interested in maximum efficiency.

If your looking for best value for money, there’s IEMs which don’t require an amplifier and have similar performance with more privacy. The Seeaudio Yume II, Simgot EA500, Moondrop Starfield are all just as good for gaming and music as well. If you already have an amp/DAC then you’re set though.

I have an amp/DAC. And yes, I have an iem that I use for outdoor events.
So I’m looking for full size headphones that I can use for online tournaments and training. Open headphones are not a problem in this case, but only +. I am limited in the availability of headphones for my country due to lack of delivery or inflated prices. But I have the opportunity to buy any of the above headphones.

I’d go with the DT880 250 ohm if choices are limited in the area then. I use the Simgot EA500 every day, and if you can get those, you won’t be disappointed either. I’ve gamed with the other two and the bass on both was annoying in an explosion rich environment when gaming. The DT880 250 has bass, but it never drowns out anything going on.

Unfortunately, the situation has changed and I only have access to:

  • Beyerdynamic DT 990 (any version)
  • Beyerdynamic Tygr 300R

Which one will be better?

tygr by far

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I agree too, if those two, the Tygr 300R since the bass on the DT990 isn’t ideal for gaming. They take equal power to drive.

If bass is at all a problem try to find the DT 880 in some other way it floats about even on used markets very often and is the less bassy of these… all the beyers have some issues with different tuning swings so people tend to get mixed results even when listening to the same headphone in this case however, I have had better results coming off the DT 990 600 ohm than the 250 ohm if you can drive it, at the same time usually 990 can be found at cheaper prices 3rd party than tygr 300r. Tygr 300r is just the DT 990 slightly retuned and some added foam over it’s driver which withdraws it’s treble a lot… overall tygr will have a darker sound than the 990 and may sound slightly muffled due to the thick padding.

While there is no best, it really comes down to how you perceive the sound… Personally, I would say tygr here gets my vote as even outside general pvp fps use it’s a very comfortable headphone to use in general meanwhile 990s are incredibly sharp sounding and can really deter alternative uses.

DT 880 even used ones are not available to me.
DT 990 (any version) and tygr 300R will cost me the same price. Therefore, it is worth choosing the best sound for specific tasks.
I don’t need these headphones for music, only for FPS. I’m especially concerned about big games like battle royale and… Tarkov…
I have had some experience with Superlux 668b. Top of the DT 990 at about the same volume level?

Will go ahead and rewrite that apologies. Honestly, if possible… ask the place to try the 990 see what you think otherwise go with the Tygr 300r. If they have a sennheiser 560s try that as well as that has better mid presence… 990 is very sharp V shaped so I would say take the more balanced tygr over that so there is less concern with all the technicalities

There is no opportunity to listen. I looked for them from people and in local stores. I buy blind headphones.
With every minute, evil begins to wake up in me, which says “just buy dt 1990”. =)

Thanks everyone for the advice.
I decided to immediately go further and bought the DT 1990.
Otherwise, I would have bought the tygr 300r.

Considering how good that one is for Tarkov, not too many outpace it so it’s a good choice overall provided your comfortable with it’s sound. Hope you enjoy it!