Beyerdynamic Dt 1770

Hello, im looking for headphones for everything and i can buy dt 1770 for 350eu and want to ask if its worth it? I will be using them for travel, gaming, monitoring my bass guitar and just regular music listening, my budget is about 400eu and i have been thinking betwean these and nuraphones and wh1000xm3 and i dont have a dac/amp, any suggestions? Or i should go with beyers? And if with the beyers, then what dac/amp i should buy?

with the 1770s you will need some kind of at least amp - better a DAC/Amp

I use my 1990s(same Tesla 2.0 driver) with ifi xDSD and Earstudio ES 100 for mobile listening

if I use it directly out of the Samsung S8+/S10 cell phones, it plays somehow ok, but would not recommend it without an amp
if I try to use it directly out of the a few years old Samsung Note 10.1 tablet - no sound. The tablet´s DAC/Amp has not enough juice to power it.

So if you want to use it for travel you need some kind of amp - at least plan 100(79 on drop sometimes) for an Earstudio ES100 or a used Fiio Q1 II comes at around 60… there are lots of other mobile/transportable DAC/Amps or pure amps… some only wired usable and some also with bluetooth connection between your cell phone and the DAC/amp

The 1770s are ok, wanted them to be an upgrade for my 770s, but after several sessions… not my cup of tee. The velour pads help a bit, but you loose isolation. the other pads are soundwise to mutch in your face sounding. But lot of people like it. Just try it yourself.

Instead I joined the 177x Go Drop and hope for a better soundtuning - bit more balanced.
But if you look for the 1 headphone for all situations - I would not recommend preordering something you can not listen before yourself

Yeah i think the same but drop is a bit out of the question because there is a very little options in europe that i can buy from drop, and thanks i will try to search where i could listen to dt 1770 and see if i like them

Just received an e-mail. The 177X Go are available on Massdrop.