Beyerdynamic dt 177x go v.s drop + thx panda

In the market for a closed back headphone to daily drive around the price point of both of these. Was wondering if anyone would have an idea on which would be nicer and if there was a big difference. If anyone has listened to Oppo pm3’s, would love your input!

Another requirement would be that they must be able to be driven well by a smartphone.

Open to other suggestions too.



I think the Beyerdynamic is just going to be an overall higher performing headphone with better technicalities. And they are easy to drive on a phone too at only 32 ohms, but also scale really well with good amps. The midrange will be recessed some, and the sub-bass and treble will be forward.

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The oppo pm3 is pretty sweet, it was very refined and well tuned, and if the panda sounds like a bit tweaked pm3, I think it will compete well with other closed backs in the range. I personally haven’t heard the panda so I can’t comment on this one


Have you tried out the 177x?

That is correct, I really like those for the price, they fixed the tuning of the 177x while making it less amp picky


To me the panda’s seem more for portability. The 177x are nice but a bit on the larger size when compared to the panda’s. I put Brainwaz XL pads on my set of 177x that makes them seem even bigger but super comfortable. The panda’s seem more for sitting on a bus/train/plane just without ANC. I have a set of Sennheiser PXC550 so the panda’s interested me for the evolution of BT headphones. Seems like a step back on options. At the same time a step forward on sound based on reviews.

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Yeah I have the same thoughts. Though it seems like a step back in terms of options compared to the sennheisers, options are really not important to me… audio quality reigns supreme :slight_smile:

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For me comfort comes first, sound is second, then options. If something is uncomfortable I am not going to use them regardless of how good it sounds. Part of the reason I got the 177x is because they are an over ear closed back. I was going to take them to work and rock out. I slapped a mod-mic on there for conference calls. Bigger pads makes them even more comfortable. Sound quality of the Panda’s is probably going to vary per person. But with the Sennheisers having the options they have, the Panda’s are not in the cards for me regardless of how {insert adjective} they sound. lol.


I thought wireless headphone couldnt compete with wired. However im not a big fan of Beyer cause of the treble. but maybe closed will give it more bass and controlled treble. If i had a choice i would go with panda. But you can get a EMU closed back for 450$ new or a Fostex 00x for 300 used or a Denon AH-D5200 used for 350$

Are any of the ones you listed easy to drive?

Not sure the fostex is Impedance: 25 ohms. Its more a fun exciting headphone. the denon is 24 impedence and is a more natural neutral headphone. the EMU is 25 ohm and in beween the fostex and denon. If your gonna go Fostex i recommend the Ebony. They all seem like they would drive easy but if not just get a dongle amp or something for your phone. like this:

or this:

A headphone in this price range is a big deal. Get the best sound you can. Otherwise just get a Koss kph30i or something.

Also do you need a closed back? The above headphones have a lot of bass to them. Open backed headphones usually sound better. I would recommend a Sundara or a Verum one. But if you want a headphone that will sound good off a phone i know the Meze 99 Noir will without an amp.