Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro AMP/DAC

Hello guys
Continuing the recent topic about upgrading my DT 990 I am considering buying DT 1990 as an upgrade. I currently own Geshelli Labs Enog 2 Pro DAC and my Liquid Spark AMP unfortunately died.
What AMP would you advice for DT 1990 if I choose them? DT 1990 has XLR cable if I am right so I guess the AMP would need to have XLR inputs as well.

DT 1990 has a mini xlr (3-pin) on the headphone side, iirc; three strand wire, can only be run SE, without modification. In other words, really don’t worry about XLR out front the amp — that won’t work at all! Or … do worry… You might fry your amp —if you try to force it (with an adapter or something).

Perhaps a Topping L30? I’m not sure how how it will affect the 1990’s highs though. As mentioned above the mini xlr is only on the headphone’s jack and the cable ends in a normal 3.5 inch with a screw on adapter.

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Why wouldn’t it work or fry an AMP?

I’ll let someone who understands electronics more than I explain the short-to-ground issue and whether it might hurt your amp in this scenario.

But the DT1990 does not come with a “balanced cable”; it only connects to one ear cup and there’s no balanced connector to the amp, so you’d have to go out of your way with adaptors to connect it to xlr on the amp. So don’t go out of your way with adaptors and you’d be fine.

The Headphones could be modded for “balanced” if you know how or pay someone who knows how, but without modding, the DT1990 is not made for balanced connection. Doesn’t come out of the box in a way you could accidentally connect it wrong though. (Hence my comment about going out of your way with adapters).

For you I think the point is don’t choose a Balanced amp to pair specifically with the DT1990s; or get the DT1990s properly modded first .

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