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  • Closed Back

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Got a pair of these on release and love them so far. They definitely won’t go. Nice isolation, easily repairable by design, a Potato could drive it and it sounds good too.

It‘s sound signature won‘t be for everyone, but it delivers a clean sound image with impactful Bass. No more peaky Treble, but not recessed either. Also, these are fast, planar magnetic levels of fast.

They‘ve been in my Rotation non-stop and I can recommend them. Not just for Music, but Work as well, Traveling, and/or Gaming.

I‘m also very happy in regards to parts replacement / repairability. Replaceable Earpads, Cable, Headband, and socketed (!) Drivers. I‘m honestly a bit proud of them.

Bravo, Beyer :clap:


Yup, I was in that original thread with you and ordered them the day of release. I had a Hart Audio Cable ready to go, switched it out and have been enjoying them ever since. Agree with all your points.

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honestly so far within its price they are one of my favorite closed backs for regular use, been using them for my singing hobby and just some side gaming when I go to anothers house(they been into like lan parties and other things of late so isolation is helpful). I was shocked by how good these are in my collection so they are definitely staying… I just wish the pads were a bit bigger… though I can wait till dekoni maybe releases their pad thats usually larger


Oh man, I’m a huge Dekoni pad shill so if they come out with some Elite Hybrids for them I am IN.

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I’m pretty interested in these, but DMS said they’re less detailed? I already have 1990’s for mixing work.
Might go with Elegia’s, but they’re double the price…

$399 right now

black friday came early

I’m in the UK, I tried to order but it seems they don’t ship here. Still only £440 on Amazon at least!

That‘s one point where I disagree with DMS. I find them to be similiar to HD560 and 600, but not quite on the same detail level.

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Same as most folk, i love’em great set overall.
For those that can, try them on a tube, I found it really nice to add that kind of warmth and width to it

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Has anyone compared the new DT 700 Pro X to the DT 1770 Pro?

I own the DT 1990 Pro on a Lake People G111 and Topping E30 and I’m very happy with it. Now I have a need for a closed back and would like it to be a Beyer aswell (I live in Germany so replacement parts are really easy to get to extend the longevity). I like the detail of the 1990 but heard not so great things about the 1770. I don’t know if I should spend 175€ more to get the 1770 over the 700 Pro X.

Has somebody experienced the two?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Ho, Ho, Ho!

Trying them out with Dekoni’s Christmas-style flannel pads, they look and sound great! They could very easily slide off if you pull them (there’s no aftermarket ring or anything available currently) but otherwise they’re actually pretty snug on there.


Call me a skeptic…I’ve been putting this off for 7 months. However, this month I finally picked up the DT 700 Pro X and have spent a significant amount of time with them. I wish I hadn’t waited so long.

Beyerdynamic’s marketing (foolishly, imo) would have you believe these are strictly for monitoring. And if you believe their marketing, you’ll be severely undersold. Yes, you can use them for creation, and they’re a solid choice among monitoring cans. But it’s much more than that. Following the DT 770’s footsteps, the 700 are fantastic for listening as well, and especially so given the right equipment. Sadly, that lineage isn’t conveyed well, or at all, by Beyer. There’s nothing in the marketing materials that suggests the 700 Pro X can be utilized by anyone other than content creators, or even enjoyed. It really seems like they’ve missed the mark(eting) in that regard.

The new headphones are surprisingly good for the price. My quick take is: buy it. To add to that, if you own a 32, 80, or 250 ohm DT 770, sell them and buy this. It is everything those should have been. Tone, detail, imaging, soundstage, and comfort are all markedly better than expected. Treble response is, for lack of a better term, “fixed.” If you found the treble of the older cans peaky, sibilant, and unpleasant, you may enjoy these. Mids are present and neutral. Bass response is delightfully impactful without sounding bloated or dull and bass detail is rendered well. This is an unexpected and welcomed change from the past, with some models having anemic bass impact by comparison. The new pads are much, much softer than previous sets. I need to reiterate, these are extremely comfortable, and even Beyer veterans will be surprised at how soft and comfy the new pads are. For detail retrieval, I have to disagree with DMS here. This is a fairly fast headphone, detail retrieval is very good and even scales with amp capabilities.

With respect to amp scaling, some here have assumed the resistance suggests the 700 does not scale much or at all. Based on my own experience, I wholeheartedly disagree. Despite being rated at only 48ohms, the 700 do scale with equipment, but are somewhat less amp dependent than the older models. It is definitely not as pronounced as some of the older 250 or 600 ohm cans. Despite that, I highly recommend a good powerful amp regardless. Bass response becomes more honest and full with better amplifiers. Detail retrieval and soundstage improves moderately. Imaging is generally good and also slightly improves. A couple examples from my own testing follow below.

  • Appledac
    – You can drive them reasonably ok with just an appledac. Bass is a bit lacking vs other sources and details are rendered just ok. Volume on an appledac is more than loud enough for most people.
  • Tablets and mobile devices
    – The experience is about like an appledac, but typically with lower volume. Max output on my Lenovo tablet is at the low end of loud and leaves me wanting more volume.
  • Motu M2
    – The headphone output on the Motu M2 interface is not the cleanest, yet it drives them sufficiently well. Volume goes beyond reasonable listening levels before distorting. Bass and details improve noticeably.
  • Vintage
    – I am biased, yet performance here is not surprising. My beloved vintage amps really open the 700 and can drive the headphones beyond painful levels without distorting. Bass and details again improve noticeably, and so does as the soundstage and imaging. So far, I have used them on: Kenwood KR-3010, Pioneer SA-410, and Pioneer SA-6700. Most of the decent amps like these from that golden era late 70s to early 80s also usually have excellent headphone output and do justice to most headphones (and speakers) in general.

Unfortunately, I no longer own any well rated budget solid state amps, such as the JDS Atom, THX 789, or any such equivalents to test on - YMMV. Additionally, I have yet to mess around with it on tubes. Some of my tube amps are in storage for the moment and I will eventually get around to it.

The 700 is clearly a success and I’ve been driving it daily, heavily even, for 2 weeks now. It’s good enough that after less than a day of use, I decided to retire my discontinued 600 ohm DT 770 from daily use to try and preserve it. While the unicorn 770/600 is still a better headphone in many ways, I worry it isn’t long for this world. The primary 770 design is over 40 years old and has had a spectacular run. Though, spare parts are becoming harder to get. I’ve already experienced trouble finding normal wear and tear consumable parts for the 770/600 specifically. Given that the 700 is a brand new model for late 2021, longevity is not a concern I have. And just as with older models, every part is replaceable - this time without tools required. Essentially, what I’m trying to say is that I’ve been looking for a headphone to allow me to hang up my aging 770/600, and I’ve finally found it.

TL;DR - I’m happy to say that I can make a solid recommendation for the DT 700 Pro X.

Well if you love’em so much i’d suggest getting a “warmer” solid state amp, my personal favorite is the IFI zen Can - which is also my favorite a lot of “neutral” headphones when you want to spice things up
The bass boost is just the trick with the right songs (i rarely use the 3D) and with its overall tone very fun

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There’s plenty of warmth with my vintage solid state amps - I guess I didn’t really mention that, but they’re not exactly neutral. I don’t feel they need more warmth, but I’ll give it a shot down the road. They sound great on just about everything.

I will eventually pull out my tube amps, primarily the Little Dot MKIII (the older OTL version) has the most warmth of anything I own.

My exact issue with these. But I struggled with all Beyers (even the Dekoni Elite Velours are too small for me at just 60mm high).

It’s frustrating looking for well tuned, mid-range closed-back headphones with big & deep earpads.
I’m actually considering grabbing some HD569’s and using oratory’s HD598CE EQ profile.

Just pad swap with brainwavz xl, or there’s other options on aliexpress