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Very interested in these bad boys as I’ve been debating a 1990 purchase this past week and if these give them a bit of a run for their money I might be interested. Only down side I’m seeing is 48 ohms…

we should wait for dms my guy got us covered hopefully

For numerous reviews to ensure there is no issue being overlooked.


Have used the DT 900 PRO X’s for a week and I quite like it so far. However, one issue I have is that the cable connection for the mini xlr isn’t the tightest, so a light touch will cause the sound to cut out or shift to the right for a split second.

Yea this seems to be one of the issues many are reporting including myself. Except it was for the DT700 pro x. I didn’t have the issue for the DT 900 pro x.

I ended up using a different cable that solved that issue.

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DMS’s review just dropped.


Explains why I’m not the biggest fan of it lol. I love detailed beyers and large stages. Fantastic headphone, agreed with most of dms video


This was a nice review. I may not always see eye to eye wit this kid but this was nice work. I was considering the 900 Pro X but now I see that this won’t give me what I am looking for. Because I still really like that Beyer sound The T1 keeps rising to the top. I guess I need to save up more money. Thanks, DMS! For the review, not for making me spend more money. That is entirely my issue! :laughing:

soo many asking me about these for gaming, I guess some reviewers are talking. No offense, but I am still sitting with these contemplating my thoughts on them. I am not going to puke out a full review as I don’t feel I have had enough time with them. still a great headphone though. Then again, getting people claiming “these are better than a 1990” I will think you may be a little high… but your welcome to your opinion.

for those with them burning questions and curiosity… I will probably put a long drawn out written amount of crap on here around saturday. The more i have sat with these, the more I have come to appreciate them.


I was sent replacement cables and now they fit snug. No more cutting out.


hmm, I had to reach out as well about the bad cables… I was using my own personal cables but sure enough the ones that came with it were bad.

I will have some notes about gaming with these later on… I think my biggest gripe thus far outside of the lacking detail retrieval is I wish the pads here shared the same tapered edge as the originals… these rub my ears quite a bit and I feel tapered pads would be better fitting on the head

Alright mixed review time LETS GOOOO I am going to do a quick shotgun review on this, my thoughts, final thoughts, and then gaming cause many many many messages on this for gaming.

Cables: 3 pin mini xlr, no you cannot run this balanced, it can be taken apart and modified just like 1990 to be a 4 pin mini xlr and run balanced if you really feel that need to do so, the 3 pin mini xlr is compatible with the akg 3 pin adapter - 3.5mm allowing access to v-moda boom pro. Cable quality is fine, its a bit sproingy takes some time to adjust after a while it settles though and is essentially just the cable from the DT 1990

Build quality: Sturdy but not as good as some of the other beyers. Nothing special aesthetically. Its rather light and mainly hardened plastic with an inside steel frame. Then again, I can’t see someone breaking these easily… they are still built very well and still better than most brands out there

Sound Signature: Mid forward neutral bright with some roll in treble

Sound signature issues: a bit shouty in the mids, a bit sibilant in some cases, overall lacking detail, over dampened and has a feeling of congestion, not that much separation.

Soundstage: It’s more congested feeling is a bit of a miss but it definitely sounds rather large but it reminds me much more of a semi open back than a fully open back due to just how much dampening is used here.

Use case: Fits pretty much anywhere unless you need analytical detail but its specifically designed for a particular use instead

Comfort: hit or miss… for larger ears like me I have issues with it. Would have preferred the pads to be beveled instead as the pads arent big enough



Lacking detail and an analytical nature, lacking in terms of separation, lacking in terms of long term comfort(subjective). Has the perfect signature for Competitive gaming and very good imaging but lacks all the technical traits making it a rather iffy pick. Rating for competitive from me? Id give it a 6/10. At this price point I can get a tygr 300r or dt 880 and not only have it perform better but itll cost half the price… tygr may not have the absolute perfect signature but its just the better pick in this case. I would take many over this in this case… even the AD700X. This just is not a great choice here

The lack of separation is a bit of a mixed bag of shit for me when it comes to larger world immersion… The pushed forward mids and highs creating sibilant tones randomly throughout conversations was bothersome without EQ. It actually made me want to stop playing at some points.

Just not that good for gaming in my personal imo. Leave these to studio uses, there are better alternatives

Final Thoughts:

I think there is some room for improvement here in some cases but for the most part this is designed specifically for use with creators and studio use… not for the audiophile and not for the gamer, I can respect that. For an audiophile, its not particularly the most enjoyable to listen to… but its not bad either… depends on your set preferences… for gamers… theres absolutely better options in both cases of gaming… I would take the 58x jubilee over this as the better well rounded pick bar none… 560s for competitive gaming bar none over this.