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This is the official thread for the Beyerdynamic DT1990. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Amp needed
  • Open Back

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Still easily one of my favorite headphones of all time. Brilliant.


Oh that must mean they suck … You and I can’t ever agree on anything.


Just got these last week, can confirm they are incredible…new favorite headphones, hands-down.


I’ve had these for three weeks now and they are fatiguing not WAY too bright but damn do they do bug me. So I will be exchanging them for LCD2-Classics and maybe work my way up to LCD-Xs.



@PervySage compared to the 990s the treble on these is tame :stuck_out_tongue: Have you tried both sets of pads? I know some folks swear that the balanced pads reduce the treble which may help you!

Yes I have tried both sets, but I guess my ears are too sensitive to the highss

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That’s understandable. It can be fatiguing at times. If you’re switching to LCD2C that shouldn’t be a problem because the LCD sounded dark in comparison to a 1990 haha.

Basically the most “fake detail headphones” I have heard. Crank up the brightness so it feels more detailed while actually being smoothed over. FR tricks are cheap :slight_smile: Its built well tho. I’d take an 880 600ohm any day over it tho.

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The amount of detail the 1990 resolve is insane. Although I prefer my 990 / 250 over the 1990, it’s a close 2nd for these. Oddly enough, while the treble measures higher in some peaks than the 990, I find the 990 to have a harsher treble overall. If you prefer a very detailed sound, pair this with a JDS Atom.

Maybe I had a bad DAC/amp when I tried the dt 1990. Sure it was clear, but I didn’t see the appeal.

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I gotta ask what do you enjoy about the 990 more than the 1990?

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use my DT1990 with analytical pads + ifi xDSD + 1,2m short AKG cable everywhere
Only for movies I prefer my 58x or DT 770s

I love mine so much, but I do hunger for something that can bAss my ass off. Can’t wait to get my Vokyls in…

hey, I’m looking for a good competitive gaming and music headphone. I’ve heard people say the dt1990 pro’s have really good imaging, this is one of my options that I have but if there is something with better imaging that will go nicely with competitive gaming please tell me.

The headphones im currently looking at are:

  • DT 1990 Pro £390
  • HD 660s £349
  • M1060 £275
  • K712 £198

If you guys have anything else in mind it would be great as im new to the audio scene and dont have much money to get multiple headphones to try. also it would be great if the headphones were under £400.

Same. Tested them in a local Audio store with a Dragonfly Black and didn’t like them.

Just don’t get the m1060 and be aware that you will need a amp to power them properly.

I currently have a dac-x6 so it should be able to power most headphones I’m looking to get from what I heard. Also why not the m1060? Just asking so I know why to avoid them as I’ve been hearing good things about them. Lastly what would you recommend under 400 for me use scenario if you dont mind me asking

I have and adore the DT1900. I use the balanced pads on them and there is just nothing else I have heard that can replace these for me.

So, my question for the folks here: What closed back does what these do? I have been searching for a while and nothing quite gets there. I tried the DT1770 and those were just a little too aggro for my tastes. I have the Argon MK3, and those are so wide you lose that detail that I love so much. I’m currently listening to the Ether CX, and those just feel a touch too cold for my tastes. The bass isn’t quite there either. Any other suggestions, please let me know!

I’ve had the LCD2C for about a week now, I was just starting to really dig how they sound; but, Z goes and posts an interesting review of the Neumann NDH20. I’m gonna have go and see for myself about these. I can always revisit the LCD2C. I guess my quest continues.