Beyerdynamic DT990 600ohm DAC


I am going to buy headphones + source for my PC. My choice for headphones is DT990 600ohm and my DAC choice is Topping DX3 Pro. My only concern is will the DX3 Pro drive the 600ohm version od DT990 or should I go for the 250ohm version? Any other ideas for the source? It can be 1 DAC+AMP or a stack up to about 250$. I live in Europe so unfortunately Schiit and JDS products are not available :confused:
I am going to use them mostly for games (positioning accuracy).

Can you get this?

And if so then this would be a good dac for that

Anything cheaper or simply not worth going cheaper? Will this stack drive DT990 600ohm properly?

This is about cheap as you will get tbh, as you donโ€™t have many options as tax and import will most likely make most cheaper things actually more expensive

IMO yes this is a pretty great pairing for the price

To be honest Iโ€™m that type od a person who prefers to pay more and have better results so will go for this stack. Last question, will I be able to hook up this combo to a PlayStation 5? Planning to buy it soon :smiley:

So that I do not know, the playstation 5 does not have optical out so it would depend if your tv has optical out. You could grab a hdmi toslink extractor if needed

My TV does have optical out. So just to be clear I would connect headphones to the Liquid Spark AMP, AMP to DAC (are cables included?), DAC to TV with optical cable? Would this stack eventually work with 5.1 home theater system or only 2.0?

Yes. Although no cables are included, but any rca cables will work to connect the spark to the dac

It is only 2.0

Thank you so much, I was scared I would spend some money just to have poor results. This setup should last for a while, I think it will be hard to beat within this budget :slight_smile:
Case closed