Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC

I was just at RMAF and saw Zeos and all the wonderful audio equipment that we have probably all seen in his videos. It was great to finally see some of the things he talks about and hear what it is he is trying to portray in his videos. Well I was there I went into the hall of headphones as I am currently looking for a set of closed back headphones for my desk setup.

So while I was perusing the stands of Beyerdynamic I saw that I could win a pair of these new Lagoon ANC headphones and even though they are closed back I was not that interested in them as I was not looking for wireless but more something like the 1990’s. well I tried on the lagoon just to see how they felt and they were actually quite comfortable and quite small. So I thought hmmm these arent too badl, But not wanting to pair them to my phone I never even turned them.

As I was feeling out their comfort I looked at how much they were running on Amazon and WOOOOOW $400.00. So even though these were comfortable the build was no where near the $400.00 mark so I quickly put them back down lost interest and didnt think about them again.

About an hour later I got a call from a number I did not know and I picked it up to have Beyerdynamic on the other side telling me that I had just won the Lagoon headphones. Wow I said that is so awesome I will be right there. So I go and pick them up and go straight home to try out my new toy.

So on to the review of the headphones after about 4 days of use now, and my two initial thoughts have not changed. The headphones, though a slight bit heavy are actually very comfortable and stay on my head very sturdily. Next I still don’t understand this build quality for $400.00, even getting them for free I am disappointed with the build quality. Also as the title suggests the headphones do have ANC and just from what I have heard from other cheap ANC headphones I would say these are OK but nothing great. They do work and remove lots of that deep low drone sounds, at work we have an autoclave that hums and it was nearly gone with the ANC on. however anything other than just a constant drone and it tends to struggle properly removing those frequencies.

Now my favorite part of the headphones are the sound quality and first off I must mention that they have all the great codecs supported aptx LL, aptX, AAC, SBC. Listening through my LG V40 my phone always picked AAC and I was never able to change the codec type to check between all the codecs. However the sound was very clean with precise highs rich mids and a bass that was tight but in my opinion could be turned up just a bit. Maybe I was just spoiled after listening to ZEOS’ TH909 I dont know but its not that they were lacking I would have just liked a little more.

Now One quiet night I decided to try the headphones with the included cable just to see if there were any differences and actually I preferred the sound with the cable much more. This was still being played through my LG V40 and I got that little bump in bass that I was missing before and actually was able to get them louder without and breakup. While in the bluetooth mode the two or three highest settings were starting to break up quite a bit and was not crazy loud anyway. However with the cable this no longer happened. I have yet to try on a dedicated amp but I needed to post something about them.

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I had completely forgot these ever existed. It seems every company has to have a wireless ANC set nowadays

I agree they are popping up everywhere including the really cheap ones that are really quite bad. My job gave out a bunch of these cheap alternatives and it was not a good experience in the slightest.

Well, congratulations!

I seems like Beyerdynamics just thought, that they also needed a pair of ANC headphones in their lineup and made these. The quality is quite low and the ANC chip is not of own design, so it is a poor attempt and not one worthy of the name.
I think they should have created an ANC headphone out of the Amron wireless. That could have the potential for a good ANC headphone with superb sound.

I’ll have to mostly agree, they sound fairly good but considering these are from beyerdynamic I expect much higher quality build especially at the price tag of $400. I would probably not pay more than $200 if I were personally shopping for them.