Beyerdynamic mmx 300 gen 2, how much amp would i need?

got this headset coming soon for Christmas, I have the topping mx3 right now just wondering if I would need more power to run these? I like my stuff very loud

fairly new to good audio not a lot of exp with amp and dacs and such.

but if I keep watching z reviews all that will change and I will have no more money lol

they should be low ohm but cant find the ohms, and z said in his review they semi hard to drive. so im unshure

I don’t think they are that hard to drive tbh. And amp will improve the sound, but you might be fine running off of a phone or PC for the time being. What would be your budget?

I think they have a 32ohm impedance? so should be ok non amped :+1:

well i do have a topping mx3 dac/amp right now, im just not sure if that will be enough or if i need to start looking for something bigger. i would like a combo unit that has enough juice to run anything because i would like to start trying out other headphones in the future.

any under 200 combo’s to suggest, would like to find something that can accept my headset mic to because i do game alot

i do have that small topping mx3 right now

Oh yeah, that should be just plenty imo. I do think you could get an upgrade with a focusrite scarlett solo and an amp like the monolith liquid spark. That would give you a nice boost in mic quality and also in headphone quality

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schiit heresy or 3+, or monoprice liquid spark paired with a nice DAC like a topping d10, d30, or a khadas tone board wshould be enough to run most things

cool i will take a look at some of those