Beyerdynamic or audio-technica or Logitech?

So I’m looking at a headset to upgrade my gear and they have closed-back headsets and as this will be my daily driver work and play. I need one that I can wear all day long , without getting painfully ears wearing them all day long.
The main part would love to go full wireless but i don’t think my budget can go that high so as the budget goes 200 pounds maybe 300 max.
I don’t need a mic as I have a ModMic.
These will be work, playing games, movies and tv shows and music.
Can anyone help me im not expect to hear in audio but my gear could do with a good upgrade?
Maybe one feature would remove ear pads.

qudelix q5k - bluetooth and everything you need with trrs mic input

sony mdr1am2 - extremely comfortable NOT FOR COMPETITIVE FPS
beyer dt770 - not as comfy but good for competitive, pad swap can help comfort

these combos are a little less than 300 pounds.

a cheaper headphone option is Audio Technica m40x with Yaxi or ZMF pads for comfort. qudelix + ath + pads combo will be closer to 220 pounds.

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Sorry was working all week so just show the comment now so what is this
qudelix q5k - Bluetooth and everything you need with this mic input?
Also is there any wireless option for closed-back headsets?
Just wondering if I save up 400 ponds would o get a much better headset?

Its a dac+amp device that connects to your computer by cable or to your cellphone by bluetooth; and then your connect your wired headphones to it.

If you are looking for a bluetooth headset, this is not the right place, no one is going to recommend that for sound quality, I may be wrong I dont know any good headsets.

Do more research on dacs, amps and bluetooth vs wired headphones. If all of this seems like its not for you, and want one single simple device just get the most expensive bluetooth logitech headset or hyper x cloud on amazon and you are set.

I the Razer BlackShark V2 or Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox - Halo Infinite
as for the other headsets you suggest they don’t have breather ear cups and I will be wearing them for more than 8 hours I think these might be the only ones as i cant seem to find any other with good mic to work from home.

hmm this got a bit buried.

So, your just looking for a casual headphone for regular use gaming and shows… is there a particular sound signature you are looking are @Umar_Abid ? I think if you know what kind of sound traits you are looking for it would help us narrow some headphones down for you to check out.

The other thing to note, is this for a console or a pc?

It may also help if you have a budget for a small amp dac unit… so it will open alot of doors to headphones.

If a work/play scenario is desired with emphasis on work functionality such as Active Noise cancelling and Bluetooth, Check out the BeyerDynamic Lagoon ANC. Just throwing out another option.

I bought these for work and to have a valid set to listen to at home and these are performing extremely well. I have them wired and connected to my desktop system right now and they sound great. I love em!

That said, I don’t game so if gaming is a requirement as well I am not sure how these would do in that capacity.

Well, the most important part is the sound stage and comfort. I read up on a lot of reviews on youtube and what my understanding 99 headphones my ears will sweat a lot so I will need a pair of headphones that can breathe during the long hours of use over 8 hours use.

Only hand pair of headphones that I have seen have breathe ear cups so that’s not that good as their only 2 pair of the company i have seen SteelSeries and razer all the others don’t seem to have breathe ear cups…

I do use pc but in the future, i may buy a gaming console but just now im on pc.

if your wanting a headphone that breaths then you want one that utilizes velour pads or a cloth type material and is open back.

hmm, just because a headphone has stage and comfort won’t make it passable. I can say the DT 990 as a recommendation in this case because it has large staging and comfort however, the treble is so ridiculously high it could potentially lead to ear pain just to give you an example. It’s best to know what kind of sound suits you.

It cant be open back as i like closed back as the fact its easier and less leakage of sound

So good stage, closed back, breathable, within 200 - 300 margin… honestly this is screaming the dt 770 or dt 700 x as both of those heavily cater to what your searching for… mmx300 is the headset version of 770 and in budget too. I had to really sit and think within this budget what has the biggest closed back stage as most are quite intimate… if the budget was higher I’d damn sure say argon cause it’s much more closed than open. With the 770 though you can flip to whatever pads your prefer too so theres that.

If your able to search used markets you can find a 770 in mint condition for around 100 and mmx is usually like 150 - 200. The 700 though is brand new so its above 300

Note that 770 sounds it’s best in 250 ohms with 80 ohms being passable and bassier you may need an amp. Both 700 and mmx can be ampless

Edit: I’m assuming the post above is referencing to the m40x, it’s good but only post pad swap but the stage is smaller than the beyers

Hi, @Falenkor I can go a bit higher, but no more than £500 maybe I could £600 for the wright headset just saying. As for the amp, I will have to look into this one I pick the correct headset

I did see your response here, that will take me a bit of time to write up but I am ultra busy currently. I will try to get back to this tomorrow, noticed the DM as well. Work has me slammed currently so I do apologize for the very late answer. Normally, I would just write from my phone but the towers down near work so no reception.

it’s ok I totally understand just reply back to me when you are less busy i don’t mind waiting and that you for your help my fired I can’t thank you for helping me with good solid advice.

Just to clarify, would the amp/dac be a separate budget or included in that?

That would be a separate budget im not sure what’s best just now it has to work with pc or be compatible with pc some that plug and play with 0 modifications.


Aeons(they literally sell with the whole open back yet feels closed thing and these are a damn good set of cans you can buy them closed back as well)

Argons(extreme flexibility on pads and breathes fine… fantastic low end… actually semi open but feels completely closed with extremely large staging)

Nighthawks maybe semi open but discontinued

Emu Teak were alright… more V shape but maybe not as breathable as youd like its a bit more intimate on stage but not too bad

if were going up in price then step up the beyers recommended to DT 1770 or 177x GO(I prefer the GO because it just sounds better and its portable which is awesome)

DT 700 X pro(new… very neutral surprisingly just with some bass, breathes extremely well and is getting quite the attention right now… keeper in my books)

T5P(the flagship portable from beyerdynamic… like a closed back bright ass T1 they do sound good… have seen the new generation within this price budget now and again and those are very warm sounding so would be an interesting thing to look at… the 2nd gen used to be over a grand in cost but they now are around $400 ish)

Most of the Denon headphones actually I found to have good stage and good results so you can throw those in there if you wish just not as breathable…

Wasnt a fan of any of the more closed variants I tried from sennheiser, akg, or audiotechnica(except maybe like m40x but thats post pad swap)

honestly most of the “breathable” closed backs are either just pad swapped headphones or most of the beyers

Hi DT 700 X look like a very good option i had a look at all you recommended and i think the to me DT 700 X tick all the boxes. The Aeons and Argons I cannot really find any of these headsets, maybe they don’t have an official site but do you know of any url to their official site? I can’t buy the DT 700 X most places are sold, but ill keep my eyes open now as these. As for amp do i need an app for DT 700 X? As far as dac can i use Sound BlasterX G6 or EPOS I Sennheiser GSX 300 i need something that plug and play less setting and tuning but must work on pc.

Aeons come from Dan Clark Audio.
Argons come from Modhouse Audio

Most likely no. I can drive that thing off my phone. It benefits a little bit with one but not drastically so if you do need an amp itll just be a cheap unit

Hard skip the gsx they are trash. G6 will be fine and can power 600 ohm beyers in high gain make sure to use its software

After checking all these headphones i think the DT 700 X is the way to go I think as its has removal ear cups in case i need to replace them but can i ask is their any dac that has Bluetooth with dac?